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  1. for sale : usa

    Thanks Capt Lou, but I just bought a bunch over the last two weeks
  2. for sale : usa

    Be mice...I heard you like those occasional French visitors so much you offer to clean their catch for them down your way
  3. for sale : usa

    I don't think so...more of Yek Wabler
  4. for sale : usa

    still polish and still a ball and chain,,,don't use the word 'cheap'...they don't make the damn things anymore, not for 20 or more years...and i am not buying them back for almost 10 bucks apiece when I sold the old fart about 200 5 years ago for less than a buck and now he wants me to pay almost 10 bucks each lol...if you were nice you would go dragging bottom of Bowmanville and see if you bring some up for me. lol
  5. for sale : usa

    thank you and appreciated
  6. for sale : usa

    Hey Mr. 580..I'll take them. Down in the Keys for another week and half. I'm near Buffalo and can drive to pick them up and pay... [email protected] ...not my preferred colors but they will do fine...thank you
  7. for sale : usa

    thanks..when i made the last move i had a monster sale..a tackle friend of mine got dozens off me for a bout a buck a piece...the old fart wants to sell them back to me at 8 bucks apiece.......friends
  8. for sale : usa

    sold it to my partner about 5 years ago.. i think it's still at canadian tire...why want to trade for the spoons? I have about a dozen left in the freezer
  9. for sale : usa

    they came in two sizes...about 5 inches and about 7 or 8 inches..i'm looking for the smaller
  10. I'm begging for Hooksters I'm looking for the small size Hookster spoons by Producer Lures in one color combination only. Black with chartreuse ladder back tape on one side / white paint on the opposite underbelly. Darryl Choronzey [email protected]
  11. I'm looking for the small size Hookster spoons by Producer Lures in one color combination only. Black with chartreuse ladder back tape on one side / white paint on the opposite underbelly. Darryl Choronzey [email protected]
  12. Guys, I really don't want to invade a board, don't want to bang heads with with anyone. If you guys really know me, you know that I love what New York puts into the lake and the results you guys have produced The fishery right now is pretty great, The bait situation is nowhere near what it was when us 'old guys' were around originally, but I honestly believe your boys in charge are doing as pretty good job Come on Canadadude..who are you really??? I know who you are, but tell the rest of this board... Hope this doesn't happen in the states, but this is the reason why we stock almost a million Atlantics a year with only 11 back. Thanks for providing a great fishery
  13. Well Canadadude ( won't ask you to quit hiding behind a make believe) I won't say that a program that has been going steady since 1987 is still in it's infancy. Or the fact that 8 million fish have been stocked and only 9 came back to the Credit at Streetsville is nothing really to worry about. As for me and the old boys having a hate on for the MNR for the rest of our lives, surprisingly, myself and few other old boys work pretty closely with the MNR. Come on up to the Saugeen where we've improved a steelhead run from approximately 2500-3000 to upwards of 50,000 adult steelhead. What me and few old boys as you put it do have a hate on is the close to one million atlantics stocked every year, the waste of paying the upkeep of more than 7,000 broodstock, the misuse of hatchery space for this grand plan....and not even attempting to pick a better small river or two in the east end of the lake. Why not save the waste and simply do what New York does and cap the number of Atlantics stocked to between 50,000-100,000. And again, the million or more pledged to the ofah for this idiocy is still coming out of taxpayers pockets one way or the other. As I said I work pretty close with more than a few in the MNR and even from this ministry we are getting the warnings back about the effects of the new plans and that includes in house warnings from some that there's only so much money and hatchery space and native fish will come first and foremost. It maybe the 'same crap and just a different day', but maybe we can see you out on a river collecting eggs or moving fish or even working in a hatchery. You might already be doing that, but since I don't know who you are, I doubt it very much. As for your 'croaker' rainbows, blame the Ontario mnr...they haven't changed or refreshed their brood stock in eons, although us old boys have suggested over and over that we could easily supply them with 'wild' eggs from the Saugeen that are disease tested and free and also are the same genetics used by New York, Michigan and Wisconsin in their 'wild' program. More and more Ontario anglers are hitting the Blue Zone and I would bet my last lure that the majority of those 'wild' steelhead are New York stocked. The same holds true for the majority of kings and coho that feed off the Ontario shore right up until early to mid august. You see, I'm more than ready to acknowledge that New York runs their fishery more like a business and not a grand experiment. Read the link guys, and make you own decision on which way Ontario is headed.
  14. DNRoach, here in Canada when you can pay the bills, you are never cancelled...it's call 67 and bad knees. Anyways, I was just explaining here in Ontario and it is not funny it is a mess. And really though you can't say they have the thiamine problem figured out at all. They know what causes the problem, but have absolutely no way of preventing it's deadly affects on returning fish , outside the hatchery laid eggs. Thiamine baths are great in a confined hatchery, but impossible in the wild. As for the Credit River, visit it one day. Urban sprawl, runoff, filtration plants etc just continue to make it worse as a target Atlantic rehabilitatiion stream. Truthfully, you could call it the river of no return. Your own fisheries people realize that we are eons away from making a suitable forage fish available in enough numbers to eliminate the problem. Like I said, I've never knocked New York's fisheries program , which is far and above my side of the border. But I do quite a bit of conversing back and forth with officials around the Great Lakes and only in Ontario does it seem that natural self-sustaining reproduction is the goal, while our American counterparts strive to provide a sport fishery first, rewards from the economy second and then natural reproduction.
  15. Steve, the Canadian Tackle Manufactures put one out a few years back on Canada as a whole. Nothing from any other non-governments. I haven't had a chance to go over this board in a while, but Ontario is drawing up a new set of plans or or Provincial Fish Strategy that is real scary. I believe the value is noted in there and most of it seems generated in the north country and I would imagine more from Erie that Lake Ontario. If you guys want to look it over, you can see the intent seems to be a lot more emphasis on natural native stockings for everywhere especially in the Great Lakes...More lake trout, more sturgeon, more (duh) Atlantics. The shift could be away from Pacifics (chinook, coho, steelhead) and brown trout. Trust me, nothing, absolutely nothing that happens on this side of the weather marker would surprise me....but it won't be good. Here's the link to look it over.....it is not going over well on this side with the people that have taken the time to look it over http://www.ebr.gov.on.ca/ERS-WEB-External/displaynoticecontent.do?noticeId=MTIwODEx&statusId=MTgwODU4&language=en