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  1. Yea wen I went to signup I had sticker shock, WTF no thanks. money money money. how bout the pride of knowing you placed. The increase in fee is too much if u ask me. I have a young family with a single income and already tuff with gas increase, price of tackle and rigging of the whole boat for trolling. Fishing is one of my passions and I fish as much as possible, but just don't have the funds to do all three. With my boat that's several trips on the lake. yea u never kno but I don't gamble.  Once again we are pushing away future generations of the sport. Soon it will die out, jst look how many younger guys ther are, all I hear about from the old timers was u should of seen it on the lake in the eslo. How has this effected the overall participation? Are we trying to increase or decrease participation?

  2. wow, what bs. the close dates are wen i have harvested some of my nicest bucks. wen are they gona leave us alone an let us hunt, enough already. ther are plenty of trophy bucks in new york, u jst have to be smarter an have more drive than most to connect. once again our society says everyone gets a trophy. why should we follow their laws anymore? jst cause some state worker says so, why not the 13th instead of th15 th. well because i said so. ( said mr dec) well actualy they have jst become pupets for albany. thanks again for makin me alter my plans for the season!!

  3. yea, i live n kendall on rt 18. friday an sunday its camper after camper with a few boats mixed in. isnt that what the pkwy for?? i towed my boat one time down the parkway an never again. i drive it daily, what a joke. my kids enjoy it since its like whoops on a motocross track. u go to henrietta an ther fixin roads that are much,much better that the pkwy. well it new york state, what a mess this states in. i worry about my childrens future in this state.

  4. Well it depends how often and how far I travel. If I fished the golden cresent every weekend no way would I keep every eye, keep them in the water for future generations. I will keep some the big eyes for bacon wrap, but not all. If I travel a few hours once or twice a year I will keep most fish. We catch and gently reaslese all othe species of fish we catch. It seems like the younger generations of fisherman are a little more likely to do so. I talk to some older walleye guys, all hush hush and keep all and even poach by taking more than their daily limit. I just don't understand that.

  5. Chamount is typicaly only a spring spot, ur gona have to head to the lake this time of year. gallos, calf, stony, ect, ect. Unfortunatly takes some time to find them out there. If your looking for any numbers you may wana try else where. Awsome area to fish tho, good luck 

  6. That's awesome! Thanks for info I am gona hit erie this weekend. Were you fishing the area where you lost the pole? Is there a launch around that area, I have only launched outa sbh in that end of erie. Thanks

  7. That's a story that will be in your family for a lifetime! That's what its all about, I better fully spool my boys spiderman pole before I take em to erie, with 20 lb braid. Howd you make out with the eyes?

  8. Justin keep up the good work and posts. I don't ever plan on goin to mr allens  lake lol, (unless he is goin to invite me)  but the info you put forth gives lou members ideas and techniques to try else where. Like the sayin goes don't hate the player hate the game!

  9. awsome boat, i hav the same boat in black. absolutly love it, fish big water with it, trailor it with small suv an one person can load an unload. some one gona be happy with that!!!

  10. any one been out around buffalo area this week, wounderin if. the bite has turned back on at all for the walleye, tryin to see if its worth the trip . may try the late afternoon into the nite one more time. thanks

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