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  1. Fished from 7 to 35 fow, had 2 hits and no one home. Water was gin clear but the boat is all set for the walleye opener and had a good time, was nice to have a good 2nd shake down. 1st one didn't go so good. Be back out this weekend, hope for some better water on the inside. When water is that clear do u stay out in deeper water and run ur baits still high? I always seem to struggle when water that clear.

  2. MR BIG, I fished up ther for ten years out my 16 ft. I would make the run from chamount to black river if I had to every yers to find the fish. I was in my 20's  tho.  I still do it out my 17 now but not as often, over the years I have found more spots at those locations. You can always find a calm shore in the golden cresent.

  3. Justtracytrolling, How do you bleed out your walleyes, Sounds like something I would like to try. I have heard that it helps with taste and cleaning out the meat.

  4. The steering on my 2003 star craft has gotten tighter over the years. I have a 90 hp merc out board with the Steering dampener, hydraulic assist cyclinder on it. Like most larger out boards,  Not sure what it is actualy called. Is there a way to lube cabels or any ideas what I can do to free up steering. Thanks Joe

  5. i fished with a 16 ft side counsel for years, just don't be stupid and you will be fine. Check forecast and use the hourly feature to check wind. I have been in the middle of erie and Ontario with it. Mine was a 1600 angler and it was a awesome stable ride.

  6. We have a great whitetail hunting in ny, there are plenty of trophy bucks out there. Now days everyone wants a trophy, even the guy who is wearing carharts and smoking on way to his stand. Be smarter than the guys hunting next to you.  If it aint broke don't fix it! Access to good land is key, if your not willing to help landowners with property maintenance, fire wood, posting property or what ever than that's ur prob. Lets face it ever since the NYS state dec has started changing hunting dates, bag limits ect. it has been a downward spiral for our deer heard.

  7. More busted up bucks this year than i have seen in the past, Seems to be alot of competition for the doe. Where i hunt in monroe county i have seen more bucks than doe. They given doe tags to everyone and their cousin and then i hunt at my camp this weeken and see 21 deer in one sit and only get one tag for down there. WOW!!!! We need to strap the dec top boss to a tree so they can see whats goin on in the woods not the office! welcome to ny, high taxes, low salmon numbers and no deer, lol

  8. Ur land will only be as good as ur neighboring property. If u got neighbors that hammer them year after year or over hunt , don't play the wind ect ect its going to effect ur hunting. deer don't know property lines. Maybe stop and talk to neighbors or drive around the block on a early morning. Something to realy consider.

  9. As far as divers and riggers u will want both. Each has its days. On my 17 ft I run 2 riggers and 2 divers, sme times 1 wil run an extra diver on a 10 ft rod if ther hot. The riggers wil get u guranted on bottom, bounce em then up a few ft.  Stan glad ur health is good, I guess I will stop saving for ur boat! Ur boat is awesome! and good luck wit the 20 yr olds!!!!

  10. Yes definatly big enough. I geter done in a 17 ft. My first new boat was a crestliner 16ft side cousel, had it out 8 miles on erie many tines and the shipping lanes around Henderson and every where in between. Wen I grow up I getin myself a 1950 fishhawk.  That boat got some beam width,more like when the kids move out, lol

  11. X2 on the true talker, When they stoped making the original I had to raid the kids toy box of them all. I use to purchase a new one every year. Only got 3 left. I have 2 of the second generation, but it aint the original. My buck this year fell for the true talker and 70 percent of my bow harvests have also. I have called in mature deer on the first day and the last day of season with that call. I also carry a primos buck roar in case I have to amp it up, and of course the original can. Each call has its time and place.  That a tank king slammin, congrats

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