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  1. I got two girls and hope to have them out there next year too. They grow up fast
  2. That is top notch.
  3. Fall loc weights were up this year compared to last year
  4. Fall loc weights were up this year compared to last year
  5. Ya I understand the diver down flag. But I did find two items regarding wrecks. CCHAPTER 6 - MARKING OF WRECKS A. Marking Policy. 1. General . a. 33 USC 409 requires that whenever a vessel, raft, or other craft is wrecked and sunk in navigable waters of the United States, it must be marked for the protection of marine traffic. The law requires that the owner, lessee, or operator of such a wreck "immediately mark it with a buoy or beacon during the day and, unless otherwise granted a waiver by the Commandant of the Coast Guard, a light at night." 14 USC 86 authorizes the Secretary of Homeland Security to mark for the protection of navigation any sunken vessel or other obstruction existing on the navigable waters or waters above the continental shelf of the United States for as long as required to meet the needs of maritime navigation. As a matter of policy therefore, wreck markings established by the Coast Guard, whether for an agency of the Federal Government or in response to a request of the owner, shall provide no lesser degree of service and protection to the mariner than that required of the owner. b. Wreck markings established and maintained by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) shall have at least one lighted aid in all cases, unless specifically exempted by the District Commander. The waiver request must clearly indicate that placing a light would be impractical and granting such a waiver would not create an undue hazard to navigation. It is recognized, however, that circumstances may not permit the establishment of a lighted buoy immediately. In such cases, unlighted aids may serve temporarily until such time as a lighted aid can be established. Alternate means to satisfy this marking requirement include the presence of a manned vessel while the hazardous condition remains. c. Radar beacons (racons) may also be used to mark wrecks in addition to the aforementioned requirements. Just hope no misses the bumper and catches the rope on their lower unit
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