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  1. 10 hours ago, Eastforkmarine said:

    Here’s a story we all know too well being hunters especially bow, yesterday behind my house I made it out late in the day actually the first time behind the house this year .. as I stalked out through the thick stuff I saw a big dead buck .. heart breaking, been there ,, never found a hole so I assumed it was a car kill .. because it was literally 100 yards behind the homes . After dark I went back in to grab his head after I got a road kill tag from a deputy. When I got him rolled over I started looking for a hole, found one ,, fixed broad head right shoulder forward ... after I got home I started calling local land owners I know well , asking if any one hit a good one? Well I found a younger guy that hunted a half mile east of me , I hooked up with the guy , his best friend that’s hunts with him , told me what side he hit the deer on ,on November 1st, this kid was hurting since then after loosing this beautiful buck ..well we surprised him , his buddy told him they were coming over to my place to ask permission to hunt , but he was overwhelmed when I told him I found his buck . Watching a grown man break down in tears was more rewarding than I can even say..I have a video of us surprising him with his first Pope and Young buck I wish I could load it up here to show you guys .. this is what it means to us all the time preparation,hrs in the woods..GOODLUCK to all through the rest of the season. IMG_4632.JPGIMG_4633.JPGIMG_4635.JPGIMG_8376.JPG

    Tommy you are a good man!!!

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  2. Not the property it was killed on

    I'm done 

    People here that know me know I'm not a sour grapes guy

    You are a 1st class ass from day one



    Rob I won't piss on your thread any more


    Long spurs if you have a problem with me we can settle up man to man ...


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  3. 39 minutes ago, Gator said:

    I get how having a named buck taken by an "unknown" hunter can sit poorly, but a public forum isn't the place to try to parse apart truth from fiction. IMHO, it does nobody any good at all and makes us all look bad. Poaching is a serious word. It should require some serious proof. With respect to all, I would suggest settling this offline.

    Don't worry the proof is there I don't accuse a crime without it  

    If that deer was killed legally I'd be disappointed but happy for the hunter

    This deer was poached by a criminal 

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