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  1. I spoke to my buddy a couple hours ago he was on his way driving down an hour or so from the boarder crossing. He kills some slobs 

    He said people ask if its safe and his answer is you are in way more danger of getting swindled by a bad outfitter than of bodily harm

    I understand others not wanting to hunt there I am not worried if I do actually do the hunt


  2. 1 hour ago, Legacy said:


    Agreed. The amount of return customers spoke volumes with me. Most of those guys have done hunts elsewhere. Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, ect.

    On a side note, my wife thought it was funny that I could go there without knowing anyone there. She sees it as a vacation. I explained to her that it's no vacation. It's hunting. I never even left the lodge to go anywhere but to my hunting spots.

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    LMAO I do it all the time March I go on the annual hog hunt I put together with 25 guys I'd never met before now we are good friends

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  3. Look to Texas or Saskatchewan for good hunts...I've hunted Saskatchewan 2 twice and Texas once for whitetail.

    You want a fun inexpensive hunt head to WY for Antelope and possibly mule deer

    You want to bear hunt again head to Saskatchewan or Manitoba

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