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  1. My “good luck” has been holding true had a big long beamed shooter cross in front of me yesterday afternoon at 30 yds no shot


    This morning was like walking in on cornflakes I made it to my tree and climbed in as it was getting light to turn and see a big bodied deer 65 yds away in the golden rod

    I put the binoculars on it to find a big heavy horned shooter staring at me

    My bow was still hang from the rope on the ground

    He just looked at me and casually walked away



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    Yesterday afternoons hunt

    I saw movment 140 yds away on the ridge across from me,it was a buck and he looked good with the breif glance I got of him as he slipped across the bank and out of sight.
    Now what happened next is something I have never seen nor experience in all my years of hunting!
    As he slips out of sight I grab my grunt call and give 3 loud deep grunts. Next thing I see is a flash of brown 142 yds away come barreling towards me,he turned and came running at full speed he went down into the gully and up over the crest on my side he runs over and straight at me he stops about 70 yards away dead i n front of me. He's looking and starts to walk right at me,
    He stops again and he starts looking in to the hardwoods beyond me and to his right. I have had 2 squirrels chasing each other around all afternoon so I figured he hears them russeling in the leaves. He turns towards the hardwoods and strts to walk that way but on an angle stil in my direction. I hit the grunt again once he id in the woods and he stops and looks but move forward and the I see the doe that had gotten his attention away from me .
    He runs at her and she eludes him and starts walking right towards me! great she is going to walk out right on the run past my tree I think!
    Nope my bad luck kicks back in and the buck runs at her again and she bolts back in the opposite direction from my and he follows her away through the hardwoods towards the front of the property.

    The buck ended up walking past a camera I had on front of the property(time is 1 hr off)

    Mendon grunt buck.jpg

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  3. 15 hours ago, machzrcr said:

    Thanks guys! Deffinitely a lot pf time thinking about his bedding. Staying out of the property till he felt comfortable enough to come out in the daylight. Hunted food plot this morn only saw a spike. So got down to a pinch point to eat lunch. 5 minutes later he comes walking by! Put my lunch down and grabbed my bow as I was on the ground. So waited till he was behind a. Tree drew and stopped him in an 18yd opening with not a twig between us! Got to get an exact tape but we rough scored him over 170 emoji15.pngemoji15.pngemoji15.png got to wait the drying period now! 45267.thumb.jpeg.a23513b84b9b32c5eb6a781321af878e.jpeg45265.thumb.jpeg.10ae6dda5b12a7da446d4fd6137c49bf.jpeg1104201239a.thumb.jpeg.34d78e4157a166bec13548cceaa01796.jpeg45273.thumb.jpeg.1f2f06cebdce4a52815019775510b018.jpeg


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    Remeber you were asking if you should hunt the 130" buck ? 

  4. This was pretty cool picked up this buck coming from 120 yds away then past 2nd camera as I watched him and then he passed giving me a 15 yd shot
    It’s sad to say this is the 1st buck I could have killed this season normally I’ve passed 20 shots on buck by this timeAdjustments.JPGAdjustments.JPGAdjustments.JPG

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