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  1. i check the marine weather forecast and look at radar before i go out 1 ft or less can turn to 3 ft or better in a hurry with wind change try to schedule your trips on south wind days less than 10 mph and you will be fine your boat will handle 3 to 4 fters but why get beat up respect the lake she can be nasty when i was younger i spent 13 hrs bouncing in the waves with a over turned boat but with age comes wisdom if it feels risky dont do it . i was out on the lake 2 times this week in a 16 ft deep v
  2. i catch lots of eyes at 3mph seems the bigger ones like to hit when you go a little faster my boat does 3.2 mph low as it goes and i get tons of eyes 8 to 13 lb range . good fish hope you get on em again try conesus sometime work mcphersons and long point and in front of the beachcomber lots of slobs to be had .
  3. some of the new balls and hitches for some reason dont complete the ground
  4. take a wire and find clean spot on both trailer and tow have some one hold wire touchin both and see if that fixes the problem if it does and you cant find the bad ground connect wire it tow and trailer whith a plug in the middle spent weeks tryin to figure out what was wrong and did this all lights bright and workin good luck
  5. most of them are in the creeks fattening up on salmon eggs they most likely are in closer to shore been getting them off the piers
  6. I fish conesus lake and i have caught many tigers and northerns fishing for eyes at night. My opinion is fish eat when they are hungry and like me sometimes you have the urge for a snack at night lol. It seems in the fall they are much more active at night and usually its the monsters that give you that unexpected jolt so have the net ready and keep those lines tight!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. this new law is just to create revenue for the state a safety course will not make stupid people stop making mistakes you have to sit through safety course for hunting and people still do stupid stuff like shoot each other its bs as far as im concerned i do think they should make people who buy a new boat who have never owned one before take a course but for those of us who have been boating for over 30 yrs its stupid waste of time common sense is not so common anymore so i guess we have to suffer through a stupid 8 hour course for this now next they will make us take one so we can legally walk down a side walk
  8. when you get to the light look toward outlet its just passed the bridge
  9. moonshine bloody nose spoon glow in the dark
  10. https://www.facebook.com/ConesusLakeFishingForum?ref=tn_tnmn
  11. they are very active now check out https://www.facebook.com/ConesusLakeFishingForum?ref=tn_tnmn
  12. take a look at this site might help you https://www.facebook.com/ConesusLakeFishingForum?ref=tn_tnmn
  13. teds will be moving oct 1 to bobs bait shop just so ya all know
  14. pike are on fire lately on conesus going out with a guy sun but if you are coming down during the week let me know
  15. https://www.facebook.com/ConesusLakeFishingForum?ref=tn_tnmn
  16. ive seen alot of bows caught this week for some reason they are in with the salmon in the tribs
  17. it is amazimg how many are in the tribs already i went to sandy creek last night and caught a bunch good numbers spawning early
  18. https://www.facebook.com/ConesusLakeFishingForum?ref=tn_tnmn my page where people who fish conesus can talk and share pics
  19. the pike and muskies are very active this week try purple rapala tail dancer or something similar 20 ft diver my buddy got 6 on that 2 days ago they also been getting them on live bait on weed line pritty regularly . conesus lake fishing forum on facebook check it out
  20. bass have been slow but pike are hitting live bait along weed line in the evening lots of tiger muskie action right before dark lately i live on the lake and have a facebook page named " conesus lake fishing forum" when i go out and its good i post there
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