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  1. They are probably one of the best spoons out there and this is coming from a guy that makes and paints spoons for a living very well thought out spoon right there!!
  2. Almost all walleye sold come from one lake and that is Erie I'm almost 90 percent sure! And that sucks for us that fish there
  3. Hopefully this weekend will be just is good!!
  4. Dylan what do you need bud? What size bouncers and what lake are you fishing? What size blades and harness and where are you located?
  5. My fav is a 5 color micro lead gets me down about 35 ft by its self then if I need deeper I'll use a snap weight on the lead core I can hit 60 ft with no problem. But my lead core is normally my high lines and then I use Dipsy to get the down deep fish and maybe a heavy bottom bouncer or 6 lol!!
  6. Sticks and harness last weekend purple and watermelon this weekend anything gold and copper worked good copper chicken wing was are go too!
  7. I never have good luck with okuma reels I know guys that love em I own them but nothing but problems with them! I do own Cabalas reels and not yet a problem!
  8. Thanks Scott! I do have my own line of spoons but I also paint spoons that guys send me.
  9. I can paint that for you no problem and I even have nk blanks I just need a better picture of it
  10. Do you have a picture of this spoon?
  11. Had one for years before I sold it let me tell you I don't think they sink!!!! I was young and dumb when I owned my 19 ft spectrum and forgot the plug and I was 5 miles out and seen water on the floor by time We got back we had water to are knees and when I say forgot the plug I mean left it at home[emoji12] that boat was like a tank coast guard couldn't believe the boat was still able to move and float!! Good boat right there
  12. Scent scent and more scent! Won't leave the dock without it! Tested it for two years and the out come is huge!
  13. Haha that's the fun part naming them and coming up with new colors! We might be alittle high on paint fumes that could help[emoji12]
  14. I bet that one will put the smack down on em!
  15. And I find silver is the best more money but out shines nickel and chrome with ease.
  16. Pap sk8 is absolutely right. A hexs and hammerd spoons will reflect more light in different directions and more flash compared to a smooth spoon look at it like a mirror. A flat mirror vs abunch of little mirrors in all different angles. What works better I can't tell you that in a spoon! But for harnesses blades hammerd and hexs are the way to go!
  17. When I get more colors done they will be on my website with the rest of my spoons and blades
  18. Thanks tlr no fun if they don't get wet or chewed on! Lol
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