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  1. It's been said "10% of the lake holds 90% of the fish". I'm of the opinion that the harsh winter just changed the typical 10%. Wellington (north east corner of the lake) has had a decent season. Certainly not last years numbers but not dismal by any standard. A little different then most years but we were lucky enough to have it closer to our normal patterns then most areas. Personally, I don't think the poor season is an indication of the fishery as much as it is of the fisherman (myself included). We fish the same 10% the same way when they aren't there. I very well could be wrong but that's my thoughts for what it's worth. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Just confirm Wallyandre said. Yes Navionics cards will work in the lowrance elite 7. There are a few options for you but it will be hard to beat the Navionics+ card. You have the option of choosing the areas you want and the sonar charts layer is amazing for detail when fishing break lines or structure. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. It really is preference and budget. There are small differences between them but ultimately it's up to It's a lot of money and I'd recommend taking a day or two to play with units. I really don't think you can go wrong with any brand. It is just personal preference. For what it's worth I find navigating Humminbird menus a little difficult but it's probably because I am used to a lowrance/Simrad layout. I'm a big fan of touch screens if you can swing it. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I like traxstexh for their accessories (BBQ mount, cup holders etc) but I prefer Cisco for the rod holders and tracks. The Cisco cradle dipsys holder is by far the best on the market in my opinion. Yes they are not cheap but neither is buying two lower quality ones and neither is the combo it holds. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. I'm sure some of you have seen or heard about Navionics sonar charts where you can record your sonar logs upload them to Navionics.com and generate charts from your recordings. This is great when the existing charts are not that accurate or when you want more detail then is existing. Navionics now accepts multiple formats of sonar logs as contributions to SonarChartsâ„¢. This includes Humminbird (DAT and GPX on all models, ION and Onix compatible within summer), Lowrance (GPX), Raymarine (SDF, GPX, NMEA), Simrad (GPX), and Garmin (ADM). Learn more about SonarCharts here www.navionics.com/sonarcharts, and find tutorials on how to record sonar logs at http://www.navionics.com/en/plotter-tutorial. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. You may or may not have heard about Navionics sonar charts where you can record your sonar logs and upload them to Navionics.com and within 24-72 hours if you update your card you will have updates maps that are generated from your recordings. Previously only garmin and Humminbird units could do this but if you own a raymarine unit the new R10 update allows you to join the party. Here is how it works. Before sonar charts recording 2 trails recorded and uploaded to Navionics.com Updated charts Scott Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Just thought I would throw my two cents in. As states you DO NOT need any cell service to use the GPS function on your tablet. (make sure it has a built in GPS receiver) You can use the Navionics app with no SIM card at all inserted into a tablet or phone. It is a great deal and a gear app. I love mine. In my opinion it does not replace a chart plotter but there certainly are people using it as their primary device. A ram mount and a waterproof case would help if you do go that route. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. Im sure some of you know but just wanted to pass along to those that didn't that you can view free lake maps online at www.navionics.com They are great for planning and discussing with friends etc. Just go to www.navionics.com Click on Webapp at the top. Then zoom in to an area Don't forget to hit the little sounder icon in the bottom left corner. It turns on the Sonar Charts layer which has significantly more detail. The other really nice thing about the webapp is this data is identical to what you get if you purchase the Navionics plus or Navionics updates cards. So you can see exactly what you are buying before you buy it. Very cool. You would turn on the sonar charts layer on your chartplotter by activating the fish n chip layer. Scott
  9. I have been fishing lakers and browns up here on the north shore. Just wanted to share the difference of the new Navionics sonar charts. Well I guess it isn't that new, but it has been cool to fish with this spring. Here are some screen grabs of my area before and after the sonar charts. Before After Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  10. Also important are your connections. IMO the biggest reason for poor reception and unclear transmission Are poor connections. Take your time and solder clean connections. A good antennae, good connections and just about any radio will work well for basic needs as you have described. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  11. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family as well. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. Same as above. Very few tangles. I avoid using flashers on the stacker as the rotation increases the area the stacker takes up and increases tangles. Other then that very easy to use. I use the Scotty releases that just clamp on the rigger cable. Easy to use and you can put the release anywhere on the cable. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  13. Please call me. I have a pilot house Wooldridge. I'd be happy to talk to you about it. Just call me will save a lot of emails or texts. I have some build pictures of my boat at www.bayofquintecharters.com. My number is on there to. Call anytime. It was a huge help to talk to someone when I was shopping. If be happy to repay the favour. Please note I'm very happy with my boat but I know there are lots of good builders and boats out there. I am NOT a patch pirate and will NOT sing the praises of any one product for a hat and a t shirt or anything else. Scott Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  14. I can't offer any advice there but I have a Wooldridge. Www.wooldridgeboats.com. If they make it on to your list feel free to contact me. Www.bayofquintecharters.com I hope you find someone with the model you are looking at. It was a big help for me to speak to someone with the same boat I was looking at when I was shopping. I flew out to the factories of the builders on my final list and talked to them and looked at the boats being built. I also wouldn't buy without a water test . It's a big purchase dont regret it. We both know they don't appreciate so you want to be happy with your decision. Scott. Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  15. In terms of the blow back a lot depends on how deep you are going. Most of us at this end of the lake go deep enough that in my opinion you need heavier then 10 lbs. On tip for marking your rigger weights is to tip your transducer back a bit. Bear in mind you will be off a bit but close enough to help figure out were your fishing. You need to spend more time with your sub troll until you have confidence in it. It is apparent you aren't t confident in it now and if that is the case it is a waste of time and money. Learning to have confidence in it will increase your success as you will learn when to move or go deeper before wasting lots of time. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  16. Wow!!! That's a screamer. Awesome. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  17. Beautiful pup. Hunting with a good dog is a great experience. Their excitement and energy is contagious. Gets everyone excited. Best of luck with the training. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  18. I had a charter this summer we went 0 for 5 then I see a guy with a banana in the cabin. I threw them over board and we go 9 for 9. This fall I walk in the cabin and see a guy eating a banana i tell him the story above and say they are bad luck. He is freaking out when two rods fire. We go on to finish with 29 walleye 3 over 13lbs. Scott Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  19. I am watching wicked tuna and Marceno just hid bananas on Paul's boat. I like to joke with my clients that bananas are bad luck. How many of you guys are superstitious about bananas? Scott Sent from my iPad using Lake Ontario United
  20. I have all ciscos on my boat. I came from Bert's. I like the adjustment on the ciscos and I really like the dipsy cradle rod holders from Cisco. I do miss the gimble mount in the Bert's. Not sure why Cisco doesn't put gimbles in their holders. Other then that they are amazing and I would go Cisco again. Great quality. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  21. They worked very very well for me on Quinte last year. I didn't think the Minnow would work that well because it needed more speed to get it to kick out. The shad kicks out at slower speeds, however, the minnow out fished the shad for me and I did very very well on the minnow last year. It had to be doing something different because there were days it consistently and very obviously out fished everything else in the spread. Scott
  22. Seagur is very good. The last two years I have been using suffix as I can get 110 yard spools vs the 25 yard spools and I'm very happy with it. No complaints or problems. I use 20lb for walleye 30 and 50 for salmon. I would recommend suffix. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  23. Another vote for Navionics plus. With the plus chip you chose the areas you want and download them. Similar to the mobile app if you are familiar with it. Make sure you turn on the "fish n chip" when fishing. Here is the difference of what it looks like before and after the fish n chip layer is turned on. Before "fish n chip is turned on" How to turn it on After Scott Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  24. another vote for the garmin tr1 gold. I have used the garmin tr1 gold. In my opinion it's the only way to go for a stand alone kicker mount application. It is phenomenal. Never heard anyone regret the purchase. Once you fish with an AP you won't own a boat without one. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  25. If you want to troll with your autopilot then make sure it will operate at those low speeds. My experience is that not to many AP's work well at speeds below 3mph. A fluxsgate compass is a must for trolling speeds. Not to discourage you but I don't think the S1000 will work at slow speeds. That may or may not matter to you. Scott Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
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