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  1. I don't have anymore pics, boat belongs to my buddy. You could text number in the post he could get you more. I just put on here because he is not a member
  2. No motors or trailer, willing to deliver. Was purchased with intentions of putting motors on. Plans have changed . Boat is located in Dundee ny. Boat is not mine so any questions or messages should be directed to jd at (607)242-7160. Thank you.
  3. boats not running too good, will be fishing off my dock on south end. good luck and they are there just have to get them to bite.
  4. thought i heard one, was one flying low out infront of my place last week. im about 3 miles north of watkins east side.
  5. think the algae has made it south to watkins. dock is surrounded by it 3 miles north
  6. We seen whole trees,logs,tire,trash cans and even a desk go by the dock last night.not to mention the solid 50 yrd wide flow of debris coming from hector falls and all along 414. Liked like you could of walked on it.
  7. Back aches is nice campsite, jared is a nice guy, he also has docks below
  8. Assembled a new r and g near the showboat last year, they are phasing them out. took a while to get because of parts avalibility. You could give todds car and home audio a call, he sells and installs many docks and lifts. Sometimes knows of used. 1315 521 6804 that is todds number
  9. Their is one on boatpartsandaccessoriesstore.Com/volvo-penta-eaton/x-16-smc.html 89.00
  10. They don't have one listed, is it 19 spline , called michigan prop nobody making them. He said that it's prob. Michigan propellers # 031035 . Found couple for sale online. Just Google it
  11. What bravo outdrive, Diameter, pitch and is it left or right Hand rotation.
  12. The way they look, you would have to rip boat in half for them to come off. Looks like good product.
  13. When I switched on my Suzuki I was told to run tank down and put the synthetic in. Also changed plugs. Never had an issue.
  14. What kind of lower unit do you need, I know we're there is one, I believe it's an alpha one
  15. Little choppy today with the north wind, walked down there today, hopefully smooth out a little for you. Good luck. Leon
  16. That launch is clear as well as state launch inside canal also
  17. Wanita and lamoka are between keuka and seneca. Not much access on lamoka, wanita you can get on from waneta inn. No trout, huge muskie (out of season all winter) perch,bluegill and bass. Decent crappies in the 13-15 inch range when you can find them.
  18. Chace with a bodyshop, they use a spray to take off bumper stickers that works good.
  19. Had problem with Suzuki ,would start hard but once started would run over 3 mph fine. Changed plugs and nothing changed, so I pulled plugs to look at and found 1 cyl. Was not Evan getting fuel. Pulled carbs, cleaned and ran new line. Thing not only starts easier and idles down but I gained a ton of power. Would change plugs, run it for a little bit and look at them. That would be my first step. Will tell you alot. If not good at reading them ,mark plugs for each cyl. And take them to marina.
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