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  1. any tips on fishing the oswego river for browns and walleyes
  2. im fishy1 from the lake champlain region and im back on the lake ontario united forum again as i like to take trips over there for shore fishing. love this forum and glad to get back after health problems and my lap top crashing.
  3. i agree with you 100 % for salmon on champlain but i also know the original honeybee stinger lure in the magnum size catch lakers salmon cohos and kings also we used them 2 years in a row at niagara bar . you can still find them if you look real hard. i use the magnums here on champlain to during the derbies for lakers
  4. we use krocodiles as out choice of lures 3/8 ounce to 3/4 ounce blue mackeral in the uv and rainbow color my favorite
  5. i like selkirk state park and mexico bay for shore fishing for browns. love the feel of the freight train hits. the only 2 places i have actually shore fished in that area . we usually fish there in april around the 3rd week.
  6. capt rich thanks for the info. when fishing from shore we usually spin cast to the left or right of the pier we have had better luck at selkirk state park especially to the right of the rock pile and in front of the river. that was always in april though. mexico bay we fished at the mouth of the river on the rocks. had 2 or 3 schools of eyes follow are lures in there but no takers before season. browns we have better luck at selkirk state park on shore but lost some big steelhead at mexico bay
  7. were thinking about bringing the boat out and when we cant get out spin cast there and selkirk state park. we usually do this in mid april but would like to try it in march also
  8. hi how far out were your from shore there. curious since i have spin casted for browns there in the past off the rocks
  9. trolling the few times i went out for browns i found honeybees to especially hot the black/purple or trout patterns for browns trolling at 2.4 at the probe. on shore which i like to do is 1/2 ounce krocodiles in blue mackeral or rainbow uv,s . good luck this spring ill be out trolling ist 2 weeks in may with 2 freinds. anyone else out there that does any shore casting on the big o.
  10. my wife and i were fishing for catfish with cut bait. her bobber was moving real slow towards shore and under a tree so she set the hook. fish on she said a big one but as she was trying to get it in it splashed and i said holy mackeral it has 2 tails and it looks like a fin. the fish seemed to go back and forth and she struggled with it. finally she got it in and we couldnt believe our eyes 2 fins on one hook and one bait. the line was right through the one fin and the other fin must have pulled the hook away and into its mouth.
  11. mine was either a 1/2 ounce blue mackeral krocodile or the rainbow krocodile. 3 years running.
  12. go to ice shanty vt and you will see lots of pics posted on the f150. including getting it out
  13. rouses point bridge and he was driving on the ice at alburgh vt. which is right across from rouses point. not even close to fort ticonderoga.
  14. lots of mallards and puddle ducks here on lake champlain and no hunters. to many from what i can see all the way up the lake. the warm weather is holding them here this fall. i didnt get my duck stamp this year and should have because when im fishing i could get my limit and wouldnt even have to conceal myself. canadian geese are also plentiful. no snow geese though and havent been for a few years. hope it gets better for you guys over there.
  15. 2 weeks since ice out and i have used my fenwick and shimano stradic every day spin casting for 3 or 4 hours a day. no problems the reel is smooth and the rod has great feel to it and handles even the lightest of lures. very happy with my decison to match the stradic with my fenwick. i even used it on lake ontario for casting for browns. no problems there either. the drag on the stradic is also super. i have now landed over 100 fish including mostly landlock salmon browns and bass. cant wait to see how it performs this coming winter in the rivers.
  16. x2. i was using a blue mackeral krocodile 5/8 ounce and the browns destroyed it in 3 hours. they are awsome.
  17. nice fat tasty browns. looks like you had a good day.
  18. thats the best news i have heard from you all winter. thanks maybe ill see you next weekend,
  19. that is just cool. that is what its all about. this day will live with her forever.
  20. thanks. last year we caught browns right in tight in front of sandy pond so they should be in casting range. would rather fish out of the boat but if winds are bad i will need 2nd choices. good luck next time out.
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