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  1. Tomorrow will be my 1st time heading out of mayars marina on I Bay and was just curious if that's where you are heading east from
  2. We went out today went right out 300 plus 110 foot down water was 53.7 but there was nothing on the screen after about an hr we got a nice steelhead on a black and silver nk 28 .. ended with 1 steelhead 1 laker and 1 small king
  3. Yankee if you don't mind me asking how much was your smart troll and where can you get them
  4. Onthewater247 what port are you out of... curious to where the kings are we haven't really had and but skippers out of hughes
  5. We went out this morning worked from 100 to 200 ft ended with 2 big Lakers and 1 monster laker with a skipper king 60ft down and lost a screamer 45 ft down Lakers all on Orange and king and mystery fish on purple and silver stingrays
  6. And haven't been marking alot on screen
  7. My father and I go out of Hughes and we have been finding Lakers anywhere from 100 foot to 300foot on anything orange
  8. No it was goose bay 1000 islands
  9. Not sure my father and I have a bunch of things we want for this year ... what other thing do you have available still
  10. Where about in Rochester are you I'm interested in lot 4
  11. Hey guys I'm looking for some help to find some good Bullhead fishing near macedon I used to go with my grandfather before he passed but lost the spot we used to go
  12. Pictures and prices please text me 5854899759
  13. went out weds mid day on the new boat lake was perfect all the way around. fishing was pretty good after about an 45 min 1hr the 1st rod went off turned out to be a nice laker about 15lbs or so after that it was consesnt over all we got 6 lakers 1. 20lbs king and a pan fry steel head only fished around 45fow to about 160fow orange glow frogs, watermelon and pearl were the top colors and ended up loosing something big on a glow pearl dodge and fly
  14. hey guys i no i asked earlier this week i have tried to look on the lake ontario modis imagery to see how the iced is in mexico and pulaski but the clouds are in the way can anyone tell me if they now how much ice is on and if you could possibly lunch this weekend? or next week
  15. Hey guys is there still ice on the lake in Mexico or Pulaski?