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  1. Had a pond hunt with some buddies last week and we killed 10. Went and hunted tonight with a couple buddies after running the last charter of year. Knew there were only a couple flocks coming in but needed at least a send off to September volley. We killed 6 out of one flock then had another short stop us. Good enough for a last little day quick hunt. 4 hunts so far and have watched 58 birds fall.
  2. Hunted the evening of the openner got there late but managed to kill 12 between 4 of us. Last night my buddy called me on my way home from a miserable windy fishing tournament and said he scored some permission for one night on a spot and we had to go then. 2 of us in an aframe with 8 dozen divebombs. Shot our limit in an hour once they started flying. Absolute barrel burner
  3. Shaneo I agree completely. It just flat out isn't working with what is happening on seneca currently. If they tried stockings of kings or something along those lines that really would eat some bait and also be targets for the lamprey for a few years and take pressure off the other species I truly think that in a couple life cycles of them we would see a big increase in the lake trout population as well as a decrease in the alewife population and it would allow time for the lampricide to take better action as well. Personally I think Seneca is better this year than years past however if we just leave it alone I don't think we'll ever see it become a great fishery again. Atleast not for a longgg time
  4. I would always help a stranded boater however I just think it's ridiculous they won't let you tie off to a boat and drag them across the lake to safety... Seems like a waste of resources to be on the lake burning gas and not doing something worthwhile when it pops up
  5. Im not saying it's right for the guy to drive by. However if there was a coast guard auxiliary vessel with the boat they probably figured it was part of the job to offer tow assistance. What exactly does the ithaca coast guard auxiliary do if they aren't even allowed to tow a boat dead on the water?
  6. Been saying it for awhile. 2 years of king stockings could give us fish for a few years and help the bait issue alot!
  7. Thanks Mike! I wanted to be sure that we have record of this down the road!
  8. Final count is 145 entrants! Payout will be as follows! 1st place- $1820 2nd place-$1080 3rd place- $725 Lunker- $725 See you all tomorrow and good luck!
  9. Can confirm! 50-30-20 of $25 a person and $5 per man goes towards lunker.
  10. No count on entrants until Friday but I'm predicting near 100. Give me a second on the payout percentage. Bout 90percent sure they had figured 50-30-20 but I'll have to double check
  11. We try to do it the same weekend every year to avoid the Watkins Glen race weekend. Obviously that isn't an issue this year but by all means set it aside!
  12. Alright everyone who's in this year?!?! Let the trash talk begin and have fun! See you all Saturday! Two days left to register! Must be registered by Thursday 8/6!
  13. Additional prize packs for 4th and 5th place this year!! Gotta be in it to win it folks!!
  14. Bump!! One week and a day left to enter!!! Get in it to win it!!
  15. He'll definitely reply. He can paint any customs you want aswell as his selection
  16. They're great Lewis. Hold up well and patterns that simply catch fish!
  17. Thanks for the response but not interested in those. Looking for something a little longer
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