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  1. FishHawk TD used for 1 week on a fly in trip in Canada. Unit is like new. $90 plus shipping or pick up in NJ or Oswego
  2. Selling selling two 8lb down rigger weights for $ 15 dollars ea.
  3. I was thinking the same. My 115 Yamaha on a 19 foot Lund trolls down to 1.8. A prop change in size or pitch might be in order
  4. Copper Copper Copper. Trust me we just moved up from a smaller boat and on a tight rig copper was the cleanest most effective thing we found. Unlike the dipsys you can put the copper out on boards and give your self plenty of room to fight the fish and and a super clean net path at the back of the boat. I am not saying to abandon the dipsy game because some days they will be the only thing that fires consistently. As SK8 said your lure choice is going to dictate your speeds
  5. 350 copper is a great all around set up. If you need to go deeper then 77 foot just attach a snap weight
  6. Looks like a bass boat....Do you have a bow mount trolling motor? If so troll yourself down with that. The fish are going to dictate what speed they want. Somedays they are hitting at 2.1 others 2.8. You can find all the charts you need on dipsy trolling online. If I were you I would kick the rods ot to the side. Run a 2 setting on the dipsy to spread them apar farther and I would invest in a 400 copper set up and run that right down the chute.
  7. Up for sale are (2) Dipsy Wire Combos, Penn 320 GT reel Ugly Sticks. Reels are in EXCELLENT shape with very light use and work as they should. Rods are Ugly Stick Med Heavy 10' downrigger rods. Reels are spooled with fresh Braid and 500' of wire (Blood Run 7 Strand) . Rods are ready to fish. Asking $100 ea o.b.o Local Pick up or meet along the I 80, I81 corridor from NJ to Oswego NY on Friday or Sunday nights Sold Sold Sold
  8. I got a 7 pound brown on a 2 color over 292 foot this weekend. The lake is not set up yet and fish of all species are scattered throughout the lake.
  9. I have a set of like new Otter Boats and a Mast complete with pulleys (no reels) for $200 obo I have another mast complete with[ pulleys and reels with another pair of otter boats for $ 285 (firm) ready to fish. Pick up in NJ or we can meet along the Route 80, 380, I 81 corridors, or pick up on weekends in Oswego
  10. Couple of different ports in the area but home base for this one is Oz
  11. Just go out and fish your game. The whole tourney angle puts a twist on the info your gonna receive. When there is money on the line Blue spoons that are catching fish all day change to purple at the dock. The Green Hammer Fly that caught for somebody all day is a Orange and Gold Rapala at the dock. Just go out and do what has worked for you in the past. This is where keeping detailed logs of every trip comes in real handy!
  12. Just wait till the fleas get really bad. This is just a glimpse. Last year they were so bad the line wouldnt pass thru the guides
  13. Can't and Won't keep them off braid. Switch to heavy mono.
  14. Up for sale is a West Marine VFH radio. It is an older used unit always kept out of the weather. Everything works as it should. $35 plus shipping or can drop off in the Oswego area or meet along the 81, corridor from Scranton to Oswego on weekends
  15. I love my cannon Mag 5s but they might not give you the boom length you need . I would say to check out the Mag 10s
  16. Just to echo what others have said, Chad does an awesome job and out of all the other Fishing ad Hunting sites out there I have to say LOU and its users are some of the best around. I am pretty new to Lake Ontario and very new to the finger lakes. This site has helped trim my learning curve on these new waters 10 fold. I fished Seneca for the first time ever during the National Derby. Myself and a couple of members from our Trout Club in NJ pulled our boats up the night before and launched blindly from Sampson the morning of the tourney. With the help and advice from several members on LOU thru private messaging we got on the bite quickly. We had fish on the board each day till some of the local sharpies knocked us off. My buddies kid held out to take 2nd in the laker division. We caught a to of fish Browns, Bows, lakers and a 26" Atlantic. None of this would of been possible without the help from guys like Iron Duke, SK8 ,Great Lakes Lure etc. It is what this stuff is all about! Here in NJ where our trout club is, we only have one lake to troll for lakers hefty bows and browns. We try to promote this fishery the best we can and we try to constantly bring new people to the lake and it is a hell of a lot smaller then Cayuga or Seneca. When I started as a total newbie into Ontario I was amazed at how helpful people on this site were. Thru that help I have made some life long friends and fishing buddies. It is a fish,that's it just a fish. I like to worry about stuff like childhood cancer, drug addictions, and poverty not OMG there are too many boats enjoying MY LAKE. Just my 2 cents. carry on
  17. We are looking to add to our copper spread. If anyone is looking to sell some of their equipment for a fair price please let me know before I buy new. I am not looking to rob anyone but I am also not looking to pay New Prices on used stuff. Looking for 200s, 250s, possibly another 300, 400s, 450s, 500s, Shoot me a PM and let me know what ya got and how much your looking for. Also if anyone has any Penn 320s they want to part with (working or not) I would be interested.
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