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  1. I have never had an issue with a mono backer. We run (2) 3 colors, (2) 5 colors, (2) 10 colors off both inlines when weather allows and big boards when the wind is blowing. I use 30lb Big Game and connect the mono to the leadcore using Spro Barrel Swivels (80lb) one the business end I run 75' of Segar Floro 10 and 12 pound. The leader is also attached via 80lb Spro swivel. The swivels come thru the guides and level wind flawlessly I have approx 190 yards of backer. We run Okuma Cold Water reels and Ugly Stick 8' 6" medium rods and I have never had an issue.
  2. It says call not text. I have spoken to him several times the past few days. Good Guy and some really great deals. Call him
  3. We find Senkos in our lakers all the time down here. I is not uncommon at all.
  4. This is just my opinion...... I prefer to leave my boat in this time of the year rather then trailing it. When the boat is in the water and the temp hits 20 degrees at night the outdrive or the lower unit on the outboard is gonna only get as low as the temp of the water it is sitting in. when the boat is in the driveway any water trapped from running it the day before is gonna freeze because if the air 20 now the temp of the engine block and the outdrive is 20. If i have to run an I/O this early in the year and I have to take it home I will run an extension cord and drop a simple shop light into the engine hatch. It is plenty to keep the risers warm. When I had the boat down the shore I used to leave the boat in year round with bubblers. I never had a problem.
  5. I know we are all thinking the same thing.......... It is close enough to the season and there has got to be some fish around. Ramps are clear and open. Has anyone been out? I have the floors ripped out and have every wire ripped out of the Ontario boat. The trout bite has been great on my hometown lakes. I need some motivation to button up the Lady O boat. hoping to be done with her in 2 weeks and planning on the first run up on maybe the 25th / 26th. What are you guys catching? Looks like a little bit warmer temps next week.
  6. I also used to be a Hummingbird guy but we made the switch to the Lowerance HDS 7s with the touch screen. I have never looked back once. However with that beign said I have several friends fishing the new Hummingbirds and have them linked to their terrova trolling motors and they love the set up. For me it is the ease of use on the HDS that has me hooked on them.
  7. The braid works well in clean water but I can not stress enough how bad it is once the fleas show up. It will render your set useless and ruin your day. Always keep at least one wire set on the boat. Just out of curiosity what issues are you having with the wire? Maybe I / We could help fix those problems. I run mostly wire on Ontario and also run it in the ocean for stripers. I run the same setup for years without issue.
  8. Selling a Fish Hawk TD used 3x it is in perfect working order. Asking $110 including shipping.
  9. We are selling a custom center con full esin glass enclousure. It is a bimini top with a full zipper enclosure. The top is 72" wide by about 6 feet long. The top is fully zippered. All the glass is Crystal Clear. Offering full 360 protection from the weather. The two back curtains are 6.5 feet in height. For more questions please text or call (908) 442-6038 Asking $400. Cost of enclosure was over $1000. GLASS CAN ALSO BE MODIFIED TO WORK WITH A T Top
  10. The best advice can give you is as follows... 1) Unless your wife fishes get a divorce now because you dont want to waste any time during the king run in a lawyers office 2) Be prepared to spend sleepless nights dreaming and reliving the first wire/dipsy strike 3) Open the wallet because your gonna buy about 300 spoons, flashers and flies when you realistically need about 20 4) Get your son a tutor now because he will spend a lot of time in class day dreaming 5) Make sure your paypal account is linked with your ebay account so purchasing the spoons is easier 6) Next winter when the lake is dead you can come here for a withdrawals support group
  11. I am putting together an order in a few days so I figured I would just see if any LOU members had what I need so I can help their bank account instead of a superstore. I am looking for 24 or 36 inch tracks. Also looking for rod holders and downrigger bases for cannon mag 10s for the tracks. Looking to get a ratchet style rod holder. Also looking for a dual planer mast manual not electric. Thanks in advance you can shoot me a PM or Text at (908) 442-6038
  12. Great deal for somebody. I have two on the boat and love them..
  13. Boat ramp drama alone would be worth the price of admission
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