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  1. I use regular sea salt put the meat in a zip lock add the salt shake it and stick it in the fridge or freezer. if your feeling adventurous you can add some jello mix for scent and the color will absorb into the meat.
  2. Yellow Luhr Jensen 44s. Go a thumbnail up the back from the hook ring and throw a slight 3/8 bend to it. Browns can not leave it alone.
  3. Sk I have the newer mod and first thing I did was replace the clip. Has Been Thanks a lot. All great advice guys. I am extremely appreciative.
  4. Thanks Tyee, I have boards I just figured I would run as simple of a set as I could at the start till I could figure the whole game out a little. I am gonna just fish it as I would my hometown lakes vary the speeds and see what goes.
  5. Great advice Wicked. Much appreciated. The FishHawk is next my list but it isnt going to happen before this trip. Manual fish hawk temp probe is going to be the only fishhawk item on the boat
  6. You have no idea how happy that makes me!!!! I hate to fully leave my comfort zone. lol
  7. Thanks Sk up to this point I have always ran braid but I think I will switch to the wire. If not for anything else It will help me match what the couple of other boats I will be running with will be fishing. Saves a lot of computing in my already struggling brain. lol I am going to wait to buy most of my flies and paddles up there as to try to help the local economy and keep the money where the fish and fishermen are. It seems to have a lot of local shops in the area. Do you find much of a difference in the workability of the 7 over the 19 strand?
  8. I have to agree with the above telephone pole comment. On my leadcore sets I fish Ugly Stick 8'6 ML rods. any slight change in line drag lights off like a smoke alarm. Although they are on the lighter end the rods can take the punisment of a big fish. I have mine matched with the Okuma Cold Water reels and it is a solid set up whether you are running them down the chute or out on boards. If you are going to stick with your current set up, take the advice up above and set your drag tension just a hair north of what the line drag will pull out. Keep in mind that if this is the route you are gonna go.........Get on the rod quickly and tighten up a hair before he pukes the hook up. There is a ton of belly just by the nature of lead core.
  9. Yes and Yes on the GPS and Fish Finder. I have high end on both. Thanks for the reply.
  10. The fish are great but even more memorable for you is the time spent on the water with your little guy. Great work dad an both the fish and on parenting done right!
  11. We are headed up to Oswego for a week at the end of August. I am experienced with Lake Trout fishing as well as Browns and landlocks but from what everyone has been telling me the LO salmon is an entirely different creature. I am hearing to leave my spoons home because the end of August bite is pretty much strictly on meat and flies. If there is truth to this I will just buy what I need. Currently we are running an 18.5, center con with a 115 and a 9.9 kicker. One major question I have is down here and up on Champlain currents are not a big issue. I don't have a probe nor will I be able to get one before this trip. Will my 10 pound pancake weights be enough? My plan was to keep it simple and run two riggers and 2 dipsys that it. (yes 2 people onboard). My other question is.......... is it imperative to run wire on my dipsy rods?
  12. Good fishing guys. I know what your saying about not waiting out the fish you were on. I did the same in a local tourney this weekend. Ugh never leave fish to find fish. Congrats on a good couple of days. Way to grind it out.
  13. Hey my name is Scott. I have fished my whole life on Lake George, Champlain, some of the fingers and assorted lakes around Pa. NJ. and NY. We recently picked up a boat that is going to allow us to finally pick some days according to the weather and fish Ontario. I am looking forward to learning from some of you guys. I have been watching the threads for a while and I have to say it is great seeing fellow sportsmen and women helping each other out. I can catch the lakers and browns and have had decent success on other lakes with Atlantics and Steelhead but this whole Salmon experience is brand new to me and a little overwhelming to be honest. This August will be my first go at it . I have a couple of weekends booked for August and will be staying in the Oswego area. We will be fishing an 18' Lund center con with a 115 Yamaha and a 9.9 kicker. 2 electric riggers, good electronics. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. I will certainly help others on here with species I feel confident in my catching abilities with. Thanks again guys.
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