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  1. on a 31 footer you will be fine. We run our 18 foot lund in 3 to fours all day without an issue. Go have fun!
  2. I have some old clear with a yellowish stripe down the middle Apex Lures that I got in a random lot sale. LOL I dont even know what they are or how to fish them. They are still in the original packaging. Are they worth trying?
  3. My sediments exactly. I just spent a week in Oswego. I never fished there before on my own and each day was still a learning experience but I managed A king or two along with a Coho or two every day. I also managed a steelhead and 2 atlantics. The only thing that avoided my line was a brown. I love it there and will be returning as much as I get the chance. Everyone was extremely helpful.
  4. I just got started with this for the first time last week. We booked a cottage and I spent the week trolling out of Oz. I was ecstatic with how my week played out. I fished Last Wed thru this Tuesday. I was out on the water every morning at 5:30am and fished till pretty much dark everyday. I caught fish everyday and never returned without 1 or two and a couple of days three in the box. When I would get back to the dock everyone was down and sour at the worlds because the fishing "sucked". Let me tell you I know more then most that each and everyday is a blessing. Tomorrow is NEVER promised and any day that I can spend doing battle with even one 20 plus pound king is a gift. I trolled from 50 foot out to 600 depending on the weather as my small boat is restricted to the confines of the wind. In the seven days I managed a bunch of adult kings with some juveniles mixed in, Coho up to 11 pounds, My girlfriend caught a beautiful Steelhead, and I managed to boat an Atlantic. I know many of you think the holiday weekend was a loss but I had the best trip ever in my 30 plus years of fishing. Sometimes the quality of the trip isn't necessarily the numbers you catch. I spent some great time on the water with great friends and met several more during my weeks stay.
  5. Hey all, Up for Sale is my 08 Yamaha 4 Stroke. Motor is in great condition with very very low hours. It is electric start with remote steer. It was bought to use as a kicker but i never needed it because the 115 four stroke trolled down enough. This is a freshwater used only engine and has spent most of its life on a stand in the garage. The motor is in NJ but we are up in Oswego most weekends till the fish stop biting. This motor will run 1.9 to 2.5 mph all day on drops of gas. you cant yell if it is running other the checking the water stream. Please TEXT or CALL (908) 442-6038 for more info. Sorry Motor is Sold
  6. 2000 Monark all welded 16.5 foot in length, VERY wide beam boat, side console boat is rated for a 125hp but never had more then a 9.9 on it 2005 Mercury 9.9 electric start very low hours 2005 EZ Loader Trailer with New Trailer Guides, Brand New Tires and Wheel Bearings Hummingbird 465 FF Heavy Duty Cabelas Cover Four Rod Holders Lockable Rod compartments Large aerated live well (4) movable pedestal seats New Onboard Battery Charger Anchor (2) older manual downriggers. This boat has been used strictly in freshwater. Used to troll restricted motor lakes and electric only lakes. Very Solid and Clean. Engine has a fresh factory service. Title for both boat and trailer. This beam is wide and the boat is extremely stable. Rated for up to 140 HP. Please call or text (908) 442-6038 or (908) 399-6850 for more pics or details. Boat is in NJ but we are up around Oswego often. Asking $4950 neg.
  7. We run regular Berkeley Big Game for backing on the lead-cores and It works great. Also holds up well to the boards not to mention there is very little drag on the water. I used Dacron my first go around with lead core and me personally I wouldn't go back. But that is just my humble opinion.
  8. I have owned boats from 15' up to 32', My favorite boat of all time was my V20 Steplift. Just an awesome all around boat.
  9. Nope. Not for me. Install metal rocket launchers in there and you may be fine. There is a nasty amount of stress put on those down rigger bases. Personally speaking I would reinstall new launchers then I would just get some quick disconnect rigger mounts and bolt them on with a metal backer plate.
  10. The touch screen is kind of like an electric downrigger. Once you go to one you will never use a manual one again.
  11. If not I would be interested in buying the old mag 10 bases off ya.
  12. They should. If not I know just about every other place up there will.
  13. I took a piece of 4" pvc about 30 inches long. glued and capped one end. Took a large diameter pool noodle and cut it at the same length. I stick two of the hooks from the treble into the foam and wrap my pre rigged flies and leader around the foam nice and neat. stick a toothpick in to hold the loop at the end of the leader. I can fit a whole bunch of pre rigs on the foam. Then I slide them into the PVC pipe and loose cap the other end. They come out in perfect condition every time.
  14. Hey man whenever you are new to any fishery dont get down on 3 to 4 fish a day. We all have days when we draw a blank. It is just the name of the game no matter what species your fishing for. I have never fished the salmon game before and I am going to try on my own for the next couple of weeks. I would be ecstatic with 3 or 4 knock downs let alone fish. keep up the good work. Like what was said before if it isnt happening in the first half hour go find them. Just NEVER leave fish to find fish! It never works.
  15. Exactly. All of the local shops have online stores. I have been spending money hand over fist with them for the past 3 weeks in preparation of my trips up at the end of the month. Give them a call on the phone explain your situation and they will walk you thru the order 1,2,3. I would rather have them tell me whats working locally instead of taking a guess and buying a bunch of junk i don't need. I have actually found that when I ask them to throw in something I thought would work they tell me not to waste my money. These guys want you to catch fish. It is their bread and butter.
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