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  1. Just mounted two Evinrude 70's on my whaler, the boat goes like hell but neither motor idles well, been frustrating for trolling so far. Cleaned carbs but otherwise out of ideas - hate to mount a kicker on a boat with twins to save the season. Those marks sure look like bait to me!
  2. Atlantic Towers T-Top for sale, will fit around a 19 to 25' center console boat, depending on the set up. The legs are adjustable from about 32" to 50" wide, the top rectangular part of the tower is 56" x 78". The frame is 1 3/4" anodized aluminum and is in near perfect condition. The blue canvas top looks good, has a very small patch visible from above, but looks fine from underneath. The previous owner paid close to $1600 for this unit and I am asking for half of that. It's not an ebay/Chinese piece of junk, it's just not what I want for the boat I'm setting up at this time. It's located in western Albany county, phone # 518-858-8278. Thanks
  3. Nice fish, and that looks like a sweet old evinrude kicker!
  4. Got hit too. Too bad, I was going to use the $9 mil to buy hundreds of every color bay rat, rouge, and stinger available and switch to 4lb mono, really hone my skills finessing the drag on those fat browns.
  5. Interested - Can you send me a pm with contact info?
  6. Do you know how much 30lb mono they can spool? I was wondering if they'd be stout enough to run magnum dipseys for summer time kings
  7. That's great news. Do you still have the oil injection hooked up? I plan on disconnecting it on mine because I've heard that the oil pumps become unreliable when they get old. I've also heard that the fuel economy of these 70's isn't too bad for two strokes. I'm hoping a 30 gallon tank is enough to run two of them for a full day of fishing. I cant wait to get back out. Thanks for the info!
  8. Awesome fish! Great report. I just swapped out the two 55's on my whaler for a set of twin two stroke 70's, same vintage as the one you're running on your boat. I've been wondering how they're going to do at long periods of idling for trolling. Does yours idle right down for hours without fouling plugs?
  9. Great posts, love the crosswalk picture! While most of us consider that type of "fishing" total BS, I agree that it really is fun to spend a few hours watching the clowns who feel they've really honed their skills at this. A Walmart surfcasting pole and half of a brain is all it takes to fill your freezer with foul, spent Chinook fillets!
  10. Sadly we see this all too often. Some of these guys always assume that the private boater is inexperienced or uneducated with regards to marine law and etiquette. What if you were a retired Coast Guard Captain or a 20 year Naval Commander with 10 times the experience on the water that he has running charters?!?! The guest on my boat on Saturday hired a charter out of Mexico last season and said the behavior of the Captain (who will remain un-named) towards other boaters was appalling; he had the "I work here so you don't belong here" attitude. Screaming and "gesturing" at everyone. Got to the point where they told the Captain "never again" simply because of his lousy, unjustified bad behavior - towards other boaters! Most people out there are so considerate and helpful, as are so many people on this forum, too bad guys like this have forgotten that good behavior is contagious and fishing is supposed to be fun, for everyone.
  11. 90% of the marks I saw all day were between 30 and 50 fow, very few in closer and almost none out to 150. I never really focused on them but would like to, do the browns normally bite through sept and October?
  12. ryonybony, what worked best for the browns? any decent size? Only did 1 14 lb hen king on a j plug all morning.
  13. Yes, it seems worse than just a normal down-turn in a natural cycle, I wonder how the #'s of 2 year old kings look compared to previous years - down as well?
  14. Fished outside of the Salmon River from 6:30 am today until about 11. Two releases, landed one 15lb hen, marked most fish between 50 and 30 FOW, only saw two fish rise, never saw another boat move a rod - (at peak time there were only about 8 other boats in the combat zone, spread way out), Headed out to 150' and marked very few fish or bait. Ran everything, J Plugs took the smacks.
  15. What has been working well for browns and what kinds of depths and temps have you been working? Might give them a shot near Mexico bay soon.
  16. I couldn't agree more with NickR and KilliansRed. I've obsessed over color in the past, then fished with a guy who writes for a fishing magazine who claims that color means next to nothing compared to Presentation! As much as I learned from him, he outfished me 10 to 1 three days in a row (probably because I was scrambling in and out of the tackle box all day trying to find the hot color). The loss of virtually all color by 70' or 80' might explain why I seem to do well with spoons with a lot of black and/or white, though like most people - I almost always have some green or silver out.
  17. Maybe not a stellar day with the slow action and the breakdown/tow - but there's nothing wrong with an 8 lb brown. Fillet it up and find a friend with a smoker!
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