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  1. Well, I run 27lb lead in the spring time, and I'll try running one down the center next week - reluctantly. If I get flea fowled to death, someone on this thread is gonna owe me a beer, or two! And a good beer, not the cheap swill I buy for my crew.
  2. what type of core are you running? fleas have been hell on it in my experience
  3. Haven't heard anyone weigh in on the issue of fleas on the lead core yet. I love running lead but never really try it in the summer on the big O when fleas are fouling my 30lb mono. Has anyone used it successfully when the fleas are in?
  4. What about fleas?? They have been horrible this year, loading up my 30lb mono and my wire, even the rigger lines. Has anyone been able to run lead this summer with it completely loading up?
  5. I don't know about Sacandaga but Great Sacandaga is one of the most unregulated lakes in the state. You can do whatever you want there. I have a customer who brags about his son's boat that has exceeded 100 mph on that lake and is trying for 110 - really??? Off shore is the place for that, imho. I threw out the anchor to swim for a while with the kids in an area where about 30 other boats were anchored up doing the same - unbelievably guys were ripping through the anchorage doing 30+ mph between and within 15 yards of anchored boats with dozens of people in the water. Smart people.
  6. These are the same slobs and idiots you see cruising around the lake all day with the fenders hanging off the boat. They'll never be educated at the dock or on the VHF, all you can do is give them as much space as possible.
  7. What kept you from throwing a chain around that guys trailer and dragging it sideways to the other end of the lot?
  8. Last Saturday, silver pickup with NJ plates, parked with his trailer COMPLETELY occupying the FIRST TWO parking spaces adjacent to the fish cleaning station at Wrights. Was this guy an inconsiderate creep or a just moron? If you cant drive or don't give a crap because that's the way it is where you come from, at least go way to the back of the lot where it doesn't get filled until late on very busy days - or better yet, ask for assistance from someone who looks like he knows what he's doing, most people would be happy to help.
  9. Perch eat fleas. I read somewhere that NYSDEC studies have shown that some lakes with a lot of perch that picked up fleas actually had the fleas disappear after a couple of seasons. If those Sockeyes are filter feeders are they still caught with regular tackle?
  10. Sounds like that would work, What's best way to tie blood run to 30 lb mono? Use thin swivel or uni to uni knot??
  11. A & P Custom tackle has 30 lb flea flicker, but he spools it on your reel from a big spool..
  12. Fleas in Oswego Before today, I haven't been out since Sunday and I've heard fleas haven't been too bad this week. Based on what I dealt with today, that was an understatement. 30 lb Big Game mono was loaded on the rigger lines in 20 minutes - had to have my mate scrape fleas while reeling in fish and had to partially hand-line one fish in, and the wire dipsey lines? Holy cow, loaded in less than a half hour. BTW, spent most of the day around 450' and an hour or so around 120'. Thinking of respooling with 40 pb mono or 30 lb flea flicker. Has anyone had success with either of these?
  13. I was using standard 18 lb - no good! I respooled with standard 27 lb, haven't tried it yet during flea season. have you had good results with that? and is there a brand or type of lead that is actually effective for fleas?
  14. I love running lead but I never really do it after June because of the fleas in Ontario. Has anyone had any success running anything even close to ten colors when the water warms up an the fleas are in? I tried it once a few seasons ago in July and the lead line got so fouled with slime I almost had to throw the whole rig in the garbage.
  15. Big fan of the smithwicks colors mentioned above but last trip out they only picked up smallies. We did pick up a brown on a rapala but caught a dozen in two hours on the spoons (green and silver was the hottest), not a fish all day on the bayrats, go figure. Leads for those shallow fish should be at least 100' and light weight flouro leaders are a must.
  16. Friend has a 16' StarCraft walkthrough with everything - trailer, 50 hp Evinrude 4 stroke, downriggers, fish finder, life vests, trolling motor, cover and more. Well taken care of $4,500, selling due to illness. Pete Hammond (518)-494-8527
  17. Any recent positive reports out of Fair Haven? Was thinking of heading there Friday, a little far west for me but Mexico seems to be pretty slow these days.
  18. That's the first I've heard of that. How did you do?
  19. East end browns? Was wondering if the browns have picked up anywhere between Fair haven and Mexico? and if not, could the warm weather expected Thursday and Friday help? Been catching some lakers for fun but a friend coming up for the weekend wants to target browns and IBay is a little too far out for the time he has. Thanks for any info.
  20. They should physically brand these creeps, make sure they can NEVER fish in NY waters again. "Visitors" and guests to our country and state should be compelled to behave even better than the rest of us, but in our politically correct country this doesn't seem to be the mind set anymore. 5 years of PRODUCTIVE hard labor, followed by immediate deportation should be the minimum sentence.
  21. Looks like a young King but with sort of an Atlantic spot pattern??
  22. Same here. Flasher flies, right on bottom. Screen was on fire 1/2 hour before dark.
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