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  1. I couldn’t agree more with Seeyawader. I understand that not everybody can afford the queen Mary but if you’re totally confident in running that boat out to 170 and beyond on this lake, you haven’t been doing this long enough. Ask any charter captain.
  2. 200 hp Johnson outboard motor, 1982, power trim and tilt, nice even compression, 20 inch shaft, premix, The motor is pretty clean under the hood though the cowl looks a bit rough. asking $1350 or best reasonable offer. (518)-858-827 eight.
  3. ?? Never ran Optimizer spoons but most of my spoons start to spin when I get anywhere near 3.7 down speed
  4. Would it handle a 100 lb four stroke and do you know what the range of motion is? (raise/lower movement has to be at least 20" for the long shaft. Thanks
  5. Do you know what weight it's rated for and what the raise /lower range of motion is? I have a 100 lb Yamaha with a long shaft (20"). Thanks
  6. Guy sells lots of them on New York, ny craigslist, under "boats" , claims to have hundreds of yamis, tested and gone through.
  7. Fishnut, what oil did you use? I hear that some of the synthetics like amsoil can allow for a leaner mix.
  8. Yes I've always removed the vro pumps as well, though most OMC mechanics seem to think they're very rieliable, many of them get removed because the alarms tend to go off for no reason. I've read that some guys keep a separate premix tank at 100:1 to use when trolling. Sounds risky?
  9. Just picked up another Whaler, this one has twin Johnson 100's, carbed, 1991 or '92. If they check out I'd like to use them this season. I know the 90 degree V4 OMC motors were very reliable, but does anyone have experience trolling with them? Can they normally idle for a few hours without loading up and fouling out?
  10. This boat has been SOLD. On to the next project!
  11. I love these posts. You guys sure are lucky to have such great waterfowl hunting out there. The swamps an hour west of Albany where I hunt have been absolutely lousy for the past two seasons, and once those small waters freeze, it's over, so we pretty much get screwed out of any late season hunting. So grouse it is, until it's time to get the boat ready for Browns.
  12. That is me. I removed the latest pair of those 55's from this boat to gain speed because we were often fishing 700 fow this summer. The 140 cut my time in half getting out there, and really wasn't bad on fuel.
  13. Price is $8750, can't believe I forgot that. Thanks for the info. I've been on most of those sites for years, I've done dozens of whaler projects over the years, but I'm rebuilding a Dyer 29 right now that's eating up a lot of my time. The whaler is located in 30 miles sw of Albany, will deliver within 3 hours.
  14. 1973 Outrage 21 (banana hull ), very original whaler, all original rails are straight, (I have the stern rail and outrigger brackets but took them off beause they got in my way), deck and transom are solid, new 45 gallon aluminum belly tank (epoxy coated),140 Evinrude 2 stroke with less than 50 hours on factory reman powerhead, serviced by Riverview Marine, 15 hp Johnson kicker, Bimini top, seats were reupolstered last season, all wood work was varnished as well, solid tandem axle trailer with good tires, BiG John swivel downrigger mounts with Cannon bases attached. Asking $8,750 Or Best Offer, Boat is located in Albany County, will deliver within 3 hours. Call (518)-858-8278 for info
  15. I was there in the late 80's working on new tunnel hulls. 36 hours before a big show like the Miami boat show, we'd cut tunnels out of a finished prototype that they weren't 100% happy with and glass in a set that were slightly different and have the boat ready for the show within 24 hours. Once we cut 5' off the back of a completely finished 28 footer two days before the show, put on an entirely different stern so it would plane better. Had it back together and ready to go, interior and all, in the water looking like new. It was cool to be a part of it but I shudder to think of how much of that stuff is still in my lungs. I've lost a few friends way too young who stayed in the industry. Even when you weren't working with the stuff, somebody in the building was grinding or cutting it all day long.
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