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  1. Anybody remember the old down-and-out technique and where if any place to buy the attachments are?
  2. Talked with him yesterday it looks like another month. They had some material issues
  3. I installed a Raymarine EV150 on my 221 and absolutely love it but I also went from cable to hydraulic steering
  4. I run pump handles on my 300 copper so I don't have to have 4 and 5 hundred set ups. I also have smart troll and know exactly how deep they are. Just like every set up they have there days
  5. I fished the trench area one spring for a week felt the fishing was slow and never went back. Ever since I fish the high rocks near the plant and fish out of Catfish Creek
  6. Bought mine last year couldn't be happier knowing depth and temp on my dipsys is a game Changer. I sometimes run 2 on my downriggers after buying an extra paddlewheel. I don't run them that much in the fall with heavy boat traffic. 300 bucks a probe seams alot but over the years I always had 2 fishhawk probes on my boat and have had a few stop working that had to be replaced at 450 a pop. When you go cost of a new fishhawk vs smart troll there pretty close a fishhawk is a one trick pony
  7. I notice you run them on all your dipsys. Have you ever had a client lose one and if so how many?
  8. Anyone run your smart troll probe with copper and how do you attach it thanks
  9. 2 probes one is brand new and never used $825 to your door
  10. Does anyone know how long it takes to charge a smart troll probe? Thanks
  11. I had a 25ft Wellscraft that I converted from cable steering to hydraulic and installed a EV 150 it worked so well I did the same thing on my 221 Islander hardtop even added the remote control
  12. Unfortunately 3.1 is not an error code it's a buy new probe code
  13. I run 4 Chinooks and 2 downriggers and most day's the Chinooks out fish the downriggers
  14. Windfinder is something I would not plan a trip around many times I have been at the dock with 4 footers and the app said 1 footers
  15. It's all fun and games until someone loses a probe
  16. I run mostly Chamberlains but when I use meat rigs or large flasher I run blacks because the chamberlains can't handle those rigs no matter how tight you set them
  17. I've done both my boats so I could add autopilot pretty easy one with power assist and one without. Alls you need is time and money
  18. Got some kings by the plant 60 fow 40 down time to repaint some lures
  19. When I bought my new motor the manufacturer recommended the 15 40 because of the additives and I've used it ever since with no issues
  20. Bought a new boat that came with a fishhawk and took this off my old boat was working when I took it off. It has always had a slight water mark in the middle but never affected its performance $725 TYD
  21. So what is max bottom 6 minutes ago, Frogger said: Thanks Rick for the instructional video!
  22. I have an Islander with the EV-150 with a I/O and a Yamaha 8hp kicker. I had to convert it from cable to hydraulic steering and run a bar from the lower end to the kicker. It was bar none the best thing I ever did
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