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  1. I live out that way and traveled the bad stretch this weekend to fish out of the Oak. There is about a 10 mile section, from Hamlin beach state park to a few miles from Pt. Breeze that is really bad and I would not want to tow a boat on. The only way to make it a little more tolerable is to drive completely on the shoulder, but I wouldn't want to do that towing a boat either. The other option is Rt. 18.
  2. Genesee River Salmon Massacre

    If they were truly in need and trying to support their family, maybe they could try getting a real, legal JOB (like the majority of Legit fisherman have to), rather than having the time to partake in illegal activities as a means of support. Just a thought...
  3. I'm interested in leasing hunting land (for deer) for the upcoming and future seasons. My preference is land that is located North West or West of Rochester. Please let me know if you have anything available and we can discuss details. I am willing to carry whatever insurance is appropriate. PM me if you have any options. Thanks!
  4. My condolences. That stud salmon that executed your beloved Slammer also took no mercy on my favorite flasher/meat rig combo last night out in front of the nose, leaving me with nothing more than a swivel that had been broken in half, and a tear in my eye.
  5. Crossing to canada from rochester

    I've made numerous trips from Rochester to ports across the lake, and would recommend Cobourg (even though it's a little west). Its a nice little town with a couple good bars/restaurants and a nice beach. The other nice option is to go directly across and enter the Bay of Quinte. Once you go into the Bay of Quinte, after passing through a canal a couple miles long directly off the lake, you have access to a few ports (Trenton, Belleville and Picton are a few of the larger ones). Its a very nice ride through the Bay of Quinte, and you could even drive all the way across it and come out the east side then head back across the lake. The biggest thing to be very cautious of (other than the canadian regulations others pointed out) is how fast conditions change out ther and how often weather, especially wind forecasts are wrong! Its about a 60 mile trip across and a lot can change in 3 hours. I'd recommend planning an early morning start after a calm day/night before and be able to stay the night if the weather changes after you reach the other side. Good luck and enjoy. Trips across the lake have been some of my best boating memories!
  6. Wind forcast

    I'd figure 3-5 footers with that wind, but here is the actual forecast
  7. familiar bite

    I picked some up yesterday at S+R on Culver