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  1. Yeah. Looked everything over and looks good. How easy were your carbs to tune? I have the fuel mix screws set at the starting point stated in the manual. Did it take you long to get them into the proper mix?
  2. All clean and re-assembled. The plastic coupler for the throttle shaft that links the two carbs together will be here monday. Carbs will go back in tuesday and will be tuned. Should be back at it by the weekend. I've never tuned these carbs so that should be interesting...
  3. I also run a 16ft boat, but have a 60hp. Just like above. Watch the weather. Its doable in a small boat. I only make the trip for inshore browns or fall kings closer to shore. Otherwise fish the fingerlakes. Dont be afraid to leave if the weather picks up. Again, its doable but you have to be smart about it. Watch the wind and wave report. Another thing I do is no matter what the weather or time of year up there, wear a lifejacket. You never know in a small boat when you wish you had one on.
  4. Awesome. When I clicked on it, it showed they had 4 available. It says it's a reproduction part that they are making. I looked at NLA Marine and it showed out of stock a few days ago. I just ordered one. Thank you for coming across that
  5. Latest update. Called four more places, two of which I was told had a couple in stock. No dice. Both places said that I was the third guy in two days to call wanting one. They sold both they had. The part is no longer made and there is no aftermarket. Time to make my own I guess. If someone wanted to 3d print, or cnc these out of aluminum and sell them, I'm sure there would be a market for it. Some jb weld will work for how until I can find a more permanent solution. Thanks for all the replies
  6. Called Barrett Marine in waterloo. They were super helpful. They did not have any and said the part is no longer being made. But, the gave me the name of two other places that show they have a few in stock. Hopefully they are willing to ship them to me. Going to call in a little while. Who would have thought that this little plastic piece would be such a big deal
  7. I was thinking 3d printing as well. I'll keep calling around. Maybe theres a dealer that has one left over from years ago. If not, maybe I'll see how my fixed one fits. I know itll never break
  8. Plastic. Theres a metal piece in the center that lines up with the throttle shaft of the top carb. The rest is plastic. It uses a screw through the side to hold into the shaft. The issue is, the sides are really thin plastic and that's where it broke. I used some jb weld putty and stuck the broken top back to the bottom. Itll never break again, but it's also not correct
  9. I've searched high and low on the internet. Apparently they dont make this part anymore, and there is no aftermarket piece. I'll post a pic below. It's the coupler from the top carburetor to the lower carburetor so the butterfly valves open at the same time. Mine broke when I removed the carbs. The motor is a 1984 mercury 60hp 2 stroke. Anyone have one they would be willing to part with, or anyone know where to find one? I currently have mine jb welded back together but it bothers me to clean and do everything right, and then put this back on.
  10. Thank you. They came out pretty easy actually. Interestingly enough, if the numbers on the fuel lines are the date, this has the original hoses on it. They looked fine enough, but I will be replacing all of them with new hoses just to be safe
  11. Looks actually like the same carbs that are on my 60hp. The gasket part numbers were the same as what I ordered. Here's a pic of what the manual says about float level adjustment and an overall diagram. Hope this helps. I will be tearing into the same carbs in a few hours.
  12. HPort, I have a seloc manual. It's ok, not the most detailed in certain areas but it gets the job done. Theres three different types of carbs that these motors came with, so I think it depends on what style carb it is. Sorry I cant be more helpful. This will be my first time cleaning these as well. I will be pulling the carbs this afternoon and dissembling them tomorrow.
  13. Thanks everyone. I'm definitely a fan of doing things right the first time. The more I think about it, the more I agree it's probably a good idea to replace all the fuel lines from the tank to the carbs. I'm pretty sure they are all original. I dont believe this motor has ever had much work done to it other than a few electrical things. It's super clean and runs great, so worth putting the effort in. I'll check the fuel inlet needle when its apart too. For all I know this might be the first time these carbs have ever been apart.
  14. Good to know. I have always run non ethanol gas in it the four years I've owned it, but who knows about the guy before me. I'll take a peek at the fuel pump while I have the rest apart too. Maybe I'll see where I can fit another small fuel filter right before the carbs. I like that idea. I dont really want to be pulling these carbs often. I'd rather swap a filter out than pull the carbs back off to clean them
  15. Thank you. That was one of my thoughts. I didnt buy an entire rebuild kit because of price and availability. I'm hoping it's just gunked up. Hopefully a good cleaning and new gaskets will do it. And new fuel filter.
  16. I was looking under the cowl the other day and I noticed my carbs leaking some gas. The motor is a 1984 mercury 60hp 3 cylinder two stroke. It runs really well. I've never had any issues. I bought this boat 3 or 4 years ago. Ive never had the carbs apart because it does run so well. I just bought a new gasket kit for both carbs and plan on pulling them this weekend. My thought is to pull them apart, clean them, and put all new gaskets in. Hopefully that stops the dripping. The gas just drips every once in a while from the screw with a spring from under the carb. Maybe the float is stuck or needle is stuck? It happens even when the motor is off and has pressure from the fuel tank. Any ideas? You can see the drip in the pic. Like I said, the motor runs really well. The dripping gas just bugs me
  17. I've been wanting to service my carbs. Looks like now's the time. Dang it, only been out twice so far.
  18. The original floor in my starcraft was 1/2 inch plywood. My only thought with aluminum is what it would feel like in the summer heat? I replaced mine with 1/2 inch douglas fir marine ply, coated both sides in epoxy, and then vinyl for the flooring. Should last a long time hopefully
  19. Fished that area last sunday, only one laker. Fished around myers then north Monday, only one laker. The last laker hit at 2.6 mph according to gps down 20 over 40. Going to try again sometime next week. Itll pick up shortly here
  20. I agree. I am currently fishing solo. Here's my process. Fish the nearby lake. Ramp is 6 miles from my house. I can usually get a couple trips in before needing to get gas. I pack my coffee, I pack my food. Leave my house, get to the ramp, wait for it to somewhat clear, and get out. If I have to stop for gas I dont go inside, just use the pump. As much as I'd love to fish browns, making the hour and a half trip up is too risky in my book. I dont want to have an issue on the highway. I dont want to have to stop for snacks. I want to make the least points of contact that I possible can. The only way I can justify it in my mind is to fish solo, no stopping, and 6 miles from my house.
  21. I drove through myers this past weekend and it did look like the level has come up quite a bit. Thanks for the responses. I'll post a report after a shakedown run
  22. Any recent word on Myers launch? Pulled the boat and am planning on fishing this weekend. Myers is closest, then treman, then taughannock. Would prefer to launch at one of the first two mentioned. 16 ft starcraft. Thanks
  23. I second the nautolex 88. It has held up really well on my floor. I tried to use some 3M spray adhesive to get the vinyl to stick on the sides by the gunwales where theres a pocket to store things. The next week the vinyl fell down. Used nautolex 88 on it and it has held great
  24. It's a mechanic/bait and tackle/dealer. I think they are deemed non-essential and are closed. Atleast that was my thought on it.
  25. I store my boat indoors with a mechanic that rents out a barn. Needles to say the mechanic is closed for the foreseeable future so who knows when I'll actually see the boat this spring. So, what to do? Build a skin of frame kayak to fish from. This was an old kayak I picked up for $40 last summer. I have fabricated about 80% of the wood pieces from new since most were rotted. Then spent the past few weekends sanding everything. Going to varnish it and put a new nylon and urethane skin on in the next few weeks. Then add some rod holders and a crate to the back. Should be neat.
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