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  1. I switched from Humminbird to Garmin, very satisfied. Does everything I want it to, and nothing I don't... Still like my Lowrance for my ice fishing rig set up as a flasher, but wouldn't put it on my boat.
  2. I just switched to a 4-stroke kicker this past summer, so I am looking to add a second fuel line from my fuel/water separator on my I/O to my kicker. Also going to add either an iTroll, Trollmaster or ControllKing to the kicker for more precise speed control.
  3. I fish Champlain every summer, have family in the Port Henry NY area...Usually out of Westport or Port Henry launches. Great perch fishing just south of Westport! I have also ice fished on the VT side from the launch just over the NY-VT bridge on the VT side, and farther up north in Button Bay. Lake Champlain is more well known for bass now, but there's still nice lakers and Atlantics there too, plus you never get 3-5 footers like on the big O!
  4. 2 older props for Mercruiser Alpha 1 or pre-Alpha drives, both 15T spline and 4 3/4" gearcase, RH rotation. One 16X16P ok for a spare, few dings. One 15X21P, prop in good condition, just could use a coat of paint. Just sitting in my garage, I seem to have accumulated about 5 props for my boat, so I don't need these 2. Covid-free front porch pickup in Webster only, no shipping or delivery...
  5. I see Hank looking at the motor, he could probably tell how it would run just by eyeballing it...Great guy!
  6. Yup the sailboats were out in force Wed night...I stayed out of the river until they went in. I also got 1 on a j plug. right at the mouth...
  7. Yeah I always guess low on the weight...Usually I am off by a few pounds. For some reason the dipsey release got jammed with crud and never popped, so we thought it was THE BIG ONE Lol...
  8. My son thought it was low to mid twenties...It's the second biggest salmon we have caught this year. We got a 25 pounder in the spring...
  9. Yes nothing better than fishing with my son! It's his favorite hobby...From the shore, in a boat, he doesn't care- as long as he has a line in the water he's happy!
  10. Went out Wednesday evening 9/16, my graph showed lots of fish staging in front of the river. Circled around for an hour or so, then went up and down the river to the swing bridge and back a couple of times. As we were coming out into the lake (just as it was getting dark of course) we hooked up with this nice male on a green and silver J-plug off a dipsey diver.
  11. Yes, exactly what you said here! At least pull up alongside and see how you can help. You may just be asked to make a call for them, or jump a dead battery, give them some gas etc. Or their boat is sinking and you need to get everyone off ASAP...I try not to be judgmental on what mistakes they may have made, and instead try to give some friendly advice on how to be more prepared (IE 2nd battery, extra gas can, emergency flares, etc) I've towed a couple of boats in the last few years, I know someday the people I helped will remember when they needed help and pay it forward to help someone else.
  12. Wow that was pretty crappy of that fisherman. In my opinion you always should try to help out a fellow boater when they are having issues. I agree with Fat Trout though, you should not put yourself or anyone on your boat in danger in order to help...Could end badly for everyone. I would stay with that boat, and try to call someone else like the Coast Guard, Sheriff or Tow Boat if it wasn't safe for me to tow the disabled boat. But to just pass on by is wrong.
  13. Its easier on the turns if you run flasher/fly on the inboard dipseys instead of spin doctor/fly, but I find the spin doctors motion is a much better attractor for kings than the flashers... Most of the time
  14. I have a small (17') boat but I still try to start out with 2 wireline dipseys per side in the summer. I don't have the high end Okuma reels, I am using Magda Pro 30's with good drags and they seem to work well. The inner dipseys set to 1 and the outer set to 3. Then I run 2 rods off the 2 downriggers. These I did upgrade to Penn GT320's with lever drag, 30lb mono with 20lb fluoro leaders. If its rough or we need to make tight turns, I pull the second set of dipseys and run 10 color lead off a planer board on one side, and a mono line with a michigan stinger dive bomb off the other I havent gotten into copper yet, still learning from a friend of mine...
  15. We have stayed at South Shore before, nice as it's right on the lake (but no lake access) but it can be windy... This year we stayed in a little 2 BR cottage right behind the convenience store in Sodus Point. More expensive, but very convenient to the launch, store, etc...
  16. What secures the rod holder in the track? I dont see any thumb screws. Thanks, Mike
  17. 1984 Johnson Sailmaster 8HP 2 stroke XL (25") shaft with charging circuit. I rebuilt the carb 2 years ago (float needle, spring and needle seat, new float and gaskets, and cleaned thoroughly) and also replaced the impeller at that time. Lower unit lube changed this spring, ran it about 2 months of this season. Only selling because I upgraded to a 4 stroke kicker. Not the prettiest, but it has been very reliable. $375/BO. I live in Webster NY, PM me here or text 585_635_9029. Mike
  18. Headed west again from Russell Station this morning, picked up this nice steelhead 5 minutes in on a wonder bread spoon from the rigger down 60 in 140 FOW. Ten minutes later got this decent king on a wire dipsey down 75 ft (silver & blue spin doctor and a black fly) then quiet for a while, but ended up with another king on a black and green glow spoon and another steelhead on a green flasher fly...So 4 for 5 and off the water by noon...fleas not quite mature yet so still coming off the lines pretty easy. Also was 1st shakedown run of my new to me 6HP Tohatsu 4 stroke kicker...Everybody says the vibration would be bad because it only has 1 cylinder, but when its separated from the boat by a kicker motor bracket, CMC power tilt and some EPDM rubber pieces, you cant even tell its there...
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