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  1. Thanks he is 17 and has been my partner on the boat since he was 10 or so...Loves to troll never gets bored, and has learned to set all the lines!
  2. Not sure why i cant get it to work on original post, here's link: https://youtu.be/N5gBMI2pALY
  3. A great first trip this year with my son/fishing partner, went 13 for 18- all browns except for 1 small coho. Green/silver and black/gold stick baits were the biggest producers. A few on the spoons, orange and wonder bread. Been playing around with a GoPro and YouTube, here is the result, looks pretty cool from the planer mast angle.
  4. Nothing better than Adirondack ice fishing! My son and I go every year for a week in February to my uncle's house and visit all the smaller lakes between Port Henry, Elizabethtown and Ticonderoga. Some days we cant even sit in the hut the flags are going so fast...Nothing like it around Rochester...
  5. Thanks everyone who traded with me! This site is awesome, meet great people too!
  6. My son saw the DEC tanker truck at Webster Park Pier today..What would they be stocking there at this time- Browns and Rainbows?
  7. Great thanks! Anything you would like to trade for them? Thanks, Mike
  8. Remember at the end of the week last summer how nobody wanted to fight the fish on the copper?...LOL
  9. Ok sounds good. I just have the 1 plate with 2 rod holders, I tried to take 2 pics to show the rod holders up and down.
  10. I just read an article in Forbes posted earlier today that US citizens in Canada would be allowed to return home. So she should be able to fly/take a bus/train. See the second bullet. Good luck! https://www.forbes.com/sites/carlieporterfield/2020/03/18/will-americans-and-canadians-be-able-to-get-home-how-the-border-closure-will-actually-work/#54da83ff5a8e
  11. I have a few items I am looking to trade for some Angler's Pal rod holders. 1 TraxsTech fixed mount riser, 6"- TRADED 1 pair Big Jon downrigger rod holders with butterfly plate. These are the older "floating position" rod holders 1 pair RAM 10" tube rod holders, both with new T-handles- they tighten down good on the balls now... Looking for 10" SS Angler's Pal rod holders like in picture
  12. Yup you're probably right...I did text him but the number is wrong so I guessed at the last digit, the one he posted has too many digits...Oh well time to look for another boat!
  13. Scott I'll take those 2 clamp on rod holders...Let me know when is good for me to pick them up. Are you still in Webster? Thanks Mike
  14. I do it exactly like you do FF34...Drain all lake water out 1st then pull the manifold side hose and engine block side hose and fill until I see antifreeze coming out of the exhaust through the hub of the prop, and the brass plug hole on the side of the block and under the exh manifold.. This way I am sure that even if there's a little bit of water left in the block, its 95% antifreeze. Wicked Walleye I have never trusted using muffs to fill my engine block and exh manifold with AF, because a boat moving through the water forces raw water up through the leg with much more pressure than sitting still with muffs on. If I had to do it using antifreeze going up from the leg, I would definitely pull the thermostat as you did, but use a large bucket full of AF and run the prop in forward gear just above idle to stir up the AF. I would also fill from the top hoses into the exhaust manifold as a double check to make sure the system is full.
  15. Thanks I will have to get a few of those...That's the one piece I don't have yet.
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