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  1. Mostly egg sacs on the casting rod, and some flies on his fly rod. Color and presentation did make a difference day to day...
  2. Catching Browns Here are just a few of the many nice browns my son has caught coming into the creeks from Lake O...Got a few steelhead too, and a couple nice Coho's as well, will post those later...
  3. Thanks all for the feedback, I went to Dick's today and found a pair of 9.5 ft Daiwa Accudepth MH diver rods for $35 ea, after my coupon they were only 56 for both...Gonna go out tomorrow on Lake O and try them out!
  4. Thanks I was looking at those on the FishUSA website. What action do you use? The reviews said they run a little on the heavy side... Also do you need twilli tips for braid, or is that only for running wire?
  5. Looking for advice on decent entry-level dipsy rods... Looking for advice on a good entry-level dipsy diver rod, not looking to spend too much to start. I picked up several size 0 divers with rings and snubbers at the charter captains shows this spring, just getting into learning how to fish them now in Lake Ontario. I tried to run one on an Eagle Claw Starfire SF-400A, 9.5ft, but the rod isn't really stiff enough to keep the spread out where I want it. I am using a basic Shakespeare line counter reel with 25lb mono on it, and that part seems to work well. I do have several spools of 40lb braid I bought for cheap at the KMart closeout sale, may switch to that if the mono does not allow for the dipsy releases to trip...Thanks for any advice!
  6. Would those bases fit into Bert's or Traxstech track?
  7. 5hp-8hp short shaft outboard Looking for a 5hp-8hp short shaft (15"-17") outboard for my 12' aluminum fishing boat. Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Yamaha, Honda, Tohatsu, etc- a brand that is still in production today. 2 stroke or 4 stroke doesn't matter to me, looking for early '80s and up. Must be in good running condition, no projects or basket cases please. Please text me at 585-532-3300 if you have something you would like to sell!
  8. What type of motor on that? I have 17 x 15 omc/Johnson/Evinrude stainless for sale will it fit your boat? 15 tooth spline... Sent from my A3-A20 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Here's a pic of the launch at Mayer's Marina on I Bay, right across the channel from the public launch...Can almost launch my boat from Lake Road!
  10. I am interested where are you located? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  11. Go slow 1.8 was where we got both... Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  12. I Bay Mon 4-17-17 Maiden voyage of our new 12' Sea Nymph, the bay didn't disappoint. A 3 lb and a 7 lb that didn't want to come anywhere near our boat...Picked up both on sitckbaits similar to Bay Rats, black and gold and a shiner. Overall a good shakedown run until the wind picked up about 11AM. Big boat still asleep for the winter so this will have to do for now...
  13. Just wondering what you used to reinforce under that planer board mast? Thanks
  14. Ideas for mounting and storage in 12' aluminum boat? I just purchased a 12' aluminum Sea Nymph with a 9.9HP Evinrude. I have most of the basic safety items needed to take it out on the water, like a B1 extinguisher, anchor, oars, whistle, throwable PFD, etc. I am looking for other people's ideas on how to mount or store some of these items in the boat so they are not just loose in the bottom. I was thinking of attaching some hardwood rails below the gunwales and screwing things into that...Any pics or ideas would be much appreciated!
  15. Homemade downrigger/rod holder board Homemade downrigger/rod holder mounting board, 75" wide, 8" deep, support legs are 56" total width. I ran 2 Cannon Easi-Trolls with 10lb balls and a long line off this board, it was always rock-solid for me. Great if you are like me and have a boat you use for both fishing and just taking the kids out to tube/kneeboard too- I just loosened the 2 turnbuckles from the cleats and left it at my slip when I wasn't fishing. It's pine stained with redwood decking paint- held up fine in weather. I even have some of the paint left for yearly touchups...I saved up and switched to Bert's track mounts this year. I have about $75 in materials in it, looking to get $25 for it. Cash or Paypal...I am in Webster NY.
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