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  1. North and south of Taughannock yesterday and today, didn't see any fleas yet, but definitely some weeds on the line here and there. I'm guessing fleas are right around the corner. Definitely showing up later than last year which is great. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  2. I couldn't resist and went out again 7am this morning, told myself I'd head back home by 11 but stayed til 12pmish because the fishing was just ridiculously great. Took until about 8:30am to get a bite, but 1st fish was even better than my previous morning's, this one a 7.6 pound salmon (new personal best salmon). 25 minutes later, another big salmon at 6.6 pounds. I'm thinking, holy moly. Three LL over 6lb in 2 days. Never experienced more than one big one maybe every so often prior to this. One of the salmon coughed up a whole alewife. 1/2 hr later, another nice 4 pound salmon, immediately followed by 18" rainbow. Mellowed out for an hour, and then hooked another good fish which turned out to be a beauty 5 pound brown trout. A small laker, another little LL and headed home. Encountered 4 beautiful species today, really blown away by Cayuga, and thankful.
  3. Pink/blue, and copper/green spoons today 30-50 ft down over 60-100 fow.
  4. Got out this morning, 7am out of Taughannock... Picked up 3 LL (biggest 6.25 pounds) and 1 tiny laker. Great fighting/jumping fish. Beautiful conditions out there today.
  5. Could be. Where I saw them was out of Lodi as well.
  6. I saw a lot of dead sawbellies floating in Seneca during the NLTD. Is it possible that they we're just sawbellies that were hit by trout/salmon? It did seem like there were maybe too many dead for that to be the case, but not sure. Maybe something of greater concern killing them.
  7. Nice. The fish seem very healthy and yes, definitely well fed. 9.75 was my previous biggest laker. I'm psyched to make it into the double digits. I agree there's likely plenty more of them out there. Maybe even a 20+ pounder roaming around? Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  8. Great day, awesome. Reminds me, I've gotta get my nephew out there again. I caught about half as many, also out there this morning, mostly smaller but managed one personal best, 13 pound laker. Made my day : ) Thanks for sharing.
  9. Cayuga sun morning Fished Cayuga today north & south of Taughannock, 6am - 10:30am. Picked up 5 lakers and 2 salmon. Most were in the 17"-21" range, but finished up with my personal best laker, 30 inch, 13 lb. Successfully released. So great to be out there. Looks like the water temp is gonna rise pretty quick the next few days.
  10. Great to see all these beautiful browns!! This forum is great... I've learned a lot from folks on here. Much appreciated. Let's catch some more!
  11. I caught this probably 20-30 down in 50 fow. West side of Cayuga a couple miles north of Taughannock. Pink and blue honeybee spoon. In mid August.
  12. Thank you. I thought it must've been a brown. Just wasn't sure if there was a small chance it could be a golden trout. I successfully released the fish, so it should be out there still!
  13. Species confirmation I caught this beautiful 10.5 pound fish last summer in Cayuga Lake. I'm pretty sure it's a brown trout, but I've never seen one so golden looking. Just wanted to confirm with you guys because I've been curious for a long time now. Anybody? Is it a brown trout? Managed to land an 8.5 pounder 2 days after also, which I'm positive was a brown, with slightly darker color. Thanks in advance!
  14. I'd love to see a picture of that 10.22 LL weighed this morning. Nice fish!
  15. Congrats on the 12 lb. laker! That's amazing it was the first fish weighed in. I landed 13 fish, but couldn't get any lakers over about 5lbs. A couple of 18-20" salmon & rainbow. My first time fishing Seneca, really enjoyed it. Mostly fish Cayuga. Happy to take part in such a great event with a long history.
  16. Love to see the final results after day 2, if it's possible. Particularly curious about Division B. Really fun derby! Congrats to all the winners.
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