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  1. Vander Lann..there is a posting on here 30 j plugs for $20.00
  2. I sent the money order $135 so you should get it in a day or two Thanks
  3. Hey Steelie when do u want to meet up if I got the sale......no hurry when ever it's good for you Thanks Carol
  4. I'll take 2 twelve pounders. Chartreuse ones I think there are two or three different colors on them...if you know the ones I mean.... shipping to 18704 I Knw they cost 60 each...ship from post office..if it fits it ships.....let me know Thanks
  5. Hey bass fisherman I want these I'll meet you in Pittston.whenever is good for you Thanks Carol
  6. Do you have any anchovy heads for meat..they r shorter and fatter... Thanks
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