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  1. water level is a little lower than average but not bad. havent heard any thing on pike but good reports on walleye.
  2. there has been a lot of boats up on carlton island drop shotting i believe at night. 60 to 30 foot of water. night time fishing. but thats a hike from alex bay. maybe some one else will chime in.
  3. thanks guys for the help. its a big river out there and a lot of water. always love to hear input from others on how to fish the river. we where down near Picton island and picked up bass and some nice pike. we also picked up a 35 inch northern pike 11 lbs. 20 to 30 feet of water off howe island. deep diving rapala husky jerk gold in color. thanks again
  4. as a side note the boat launch in the cape vincent is closed, it is being redone. looks like its gonna have less parking also...
  5. our water level is still above average for this time of yr. you should be fine launching at cedar point.
  6. awesome job on the eyes. love it when every thing comes together and the fish are biting..
  7. opening weekend and dont even have to go out in boat. bass are biting
  8. looks like a very good crew aboard the boat.. crew looks very motivated
  9. looking to see if there is any trout and salmon at our end of the lake or should i trailer?
  10. i run into the waves, reason being it makes for a lot more comfortable ride on the way back in if the lake kicks up. i run a 19 ft open bow. we catch fish running either direction.
  11. this is exactly what i am looking for. is it still for sale? do u have a phone number i could call u?
  12. i have ran 4 rods off my 14 foot row boat , we also have a 8.5 foot wide 19 ft boat. we run 2 down riggers with 4 rods, and 2 dipsys off the sides. but it is really pushin it. thats my max
  13. looking for ideas for fishing lures to buy for christmas. whats hot out there?
  14. we are up near the cape area. yes the water is a little lower than average this yr. 244.95 so it is a droppin.. lol we should be at 245.53 ish so about 6 inches low. been a good fishing yr on the river. with some of the best coming.. yahoo
  15. where about on the river are you fishing? cape , clayton etc
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