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  1. Have any of you bought the rod building kits and built custom rods from scratch? I keep looking on the Mud Hole website and I just cant get over the cost of a decent blank. Seems like I could buy a rod cheaper then building one.
  2. Scam demic.....what a bunch of BS, and to think 90% fell for it. No stab, not a sniffle and not 1 test.......
  3. Wildwood Campground is the only option I have seen for a good breakfast. Thats in Fairhaven not far from Scewy Louie's.
  4. I agree, the requirement for all on board to be entered reduces the "free loaders" fishing and having one person enter the fish. This tournament like many requires you to have a witness verify they saw the fish being legally caught, which would make it impossible to fish alone. I think most of us would not think it would be necessary to have a written agreement with a fishing partner you have fished with for 18-20 years. But here we are.
  5. $37,000 total kept by the so called angler not a dime to the other three on board.
  6. So, back to the question. Are any of you aware of a situation like this going to litigation? Its sad that it needs to go this way but I was clear when I told the guy I was not going to just give him $37,000 without a fight.
  7. Sometimes we dont really know who we are in company with. Like the buddy you have known for years that runs off with your wife. Things happen.
  8. It is supposed to be a time for celebration as it was quite an accomplishment. But, when your a dirtbag looking to profit at any cost this is what happens.
  9. Has there been a court case in the past where one crew member aboard of a boat entered a fish that won a tournament but declined to split the winnings in any way? For instance, lets say there were 4 people fishing a tournament on Lake O that required all on board to have a ticket for the others be legally allowed to fish the derby. A rod goes off, one of the non owners of the boat fights the fish, the boat owner/captain nets the fish. The fish is then rightfully entered by the angler. Later, the angler decides to keep all of the winnings for himself alone. Has a case like this gone to court?
  10. If I run mine more then 10-15' back and take a hit on a turn, the rigger that fired many times will get into my dipsy line.
  11. I am looking for a triple or four rod tree. I will be in the Fair Haven area for a few more days.
  12. Great advice all. I picked up two 10 color rods today. And I will add 2oz of weight if needed. I didn’t realize how big of a reel would be needed for 20 colors. I wanted 20 colors to get down to 90-100’ for lakers here in Maine off of boards then my two riggers. I will use these 10 color with weights to get to 60-64’ off of boards outside my high dipsy
  13. I will use the leadcore in Maine in the spring. I don’t want to buy copper rods.
  14. I am considering setting up two leadcore rods with 20 colors each. I would like to add a 10’ section of 30 lb mono at 10 colors, and 15 colors to hook into my offshore boards. This was I would be more flexible on depths I could fish them off of boards. Any thoughts?
  15. I installed a washdown hose in my Duckworth. I also put a cutting board on the bottom side of my hatch cover. I bleed the fish for 30 min then fillet and bury the fillets in gallon ziploc bags in ice. The quality of the fish is 2ed to none. I would not eat some/most of the fish I see coming off of other boats. A block of ice in a cooler with big ungutted fish sitting for 5-6 hrs is a dam shame and a waste.
  16. Great report. Trying to plan my first trip now.
  17. I agree. I have been a commercial fisherman for 33 years here on the East Coast. When I went to buy a fishing boat I knew I wanted a all wielded aluminum west coast boat. No wood in the console is a must. Thats why I went with a Duckworth. Its been 3 years and no regrets at all.
  18. Davenport Bait and Tackle has a house we rented. With a slip.
  19. This is not that uncommon. I had a guy two weeks ago that showed me two of his that failed the same place. I still like them better then any other rod holder you just need to inspect the pins more often as it will show the pins loosening before it gets to this point.
  20. Lol, not today 😖 only 1 to the boat before noon. Came in for lunch and back at it later. I took the boat to Oswego yesterday morning. I would say that was a mistake from what I have seen so far.
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