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  1. Actually that is what the CG prefers you to use when in an emergency after initial contact with them has been made.... BTDT
  2. Im monitoring 68 when im fishing out of Point Breeze/ The Oak Youre right about the radio traffic west of the point tho (PI) I have my radio on always, last yr i towed in 2 separate boats in same day b4 even wetting a line Most of the time listening to the belly aching from the dypsie guys around 10am on how the eyes turned off and how others screaming on the speaker cussing someone out for running over their lines or boat.. sounds like scenes from Tora Tora Tora or Midway... cheap entertainment There is no boat traffic on LO compared to LE westside from the point...
  3. who is selling Bloodline wire line... TIA
  4. One good thing about moving to a free state is you will be able to run thermal with that new AR on the hogs...
  5. Placed an order for 2 -14lb and 1-16lb rigger weights from Rich aka "bikini bottom" today. Had a good conversation with him on the phone, very knowledgeable...!!
  6. HB, when you say " to slow" do you mean to much flex...??
  7. I ran those for eyes several years ago, nice looking rod but the gold colored eyelits began falling out, kinda weak eyelit altogether.. Kings will prolly destroy them I also think those 8.6 rods will be to stiff for the rigger, I ran 2pc 7.6 Okuma dypsie/rigger rods with convector 30s for my rigger set-up... I'm not a pro so there is that...
  8. Pulled Rich's aka bikini bottom contact # off another thread.. 1.607.346.4782.
  9. Hey BB, I would like to buy a pair of 14 or 16s if you have them...??
  10. I need a pair of 15s...? Or something close to that..
  11. Hell yeah...!! tell him Thanks for serving..!! nice discipline on the trigger too.. Hope you guys have a Great 2021 season..
  12. Meguiars makes some really nice wax, i use their Flagship wax, great stuff I am looking at a boat lift, portable, Brownells i think it was, to do my bottom
  13. Nice...!! what type sealer did you choose..?
  14. Who's doing what..?? Electronics, tackle, rods and reels, other equipment.....?? I'm probably adding 4 rods with the twili tips with 4 more convector 45s and some heavier rigger weights..lol Have a Blessed Christmas and a better New Year..
  15. To a degree splitting hairs... distance/depth not all FF are equal or work the same, some cannot find the bottom out past 200 fow My FF display is set to print " marks" in red numbers at their depth/distance from transducer.. it works, I catch fish... I will have to reread thread, seems like I missed something
  16. I believe my FF is accurate af when it shows fish (depth) on the screen and what depth my rigger balls are running, FH speed & temp is probably correct, i dont think its depth measurement is accurate. 10# pancakes
  17. We only managed 1 king and 5 fat chromers today, equipment failures, fed 3 spoons and a dypsie to the lake today fishing the 30-34 line
  18. 1st trip fishing Ontario with my boat and 1st trip Evar fishing for King's.. Took 3 kings, 22,20 and a 9, 6 steelhead added to the box also Started at 29 line fished to the 34..made multiple passes, lake was sloppy.. 6 rod setup.. Will post pictures soon.. Tight lines
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