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  1. Bought a set of the 12's myself . Can not wait to get them wet. I am think about putting an extra couple of clear coats on them to help preserve that beautiful paint scheme...any thoughts on that?
  2. Just saw them advertised at Bass Pro...$500 each! I am sure you can find them cheaper but yikes!
  3. I am guessing you do charters for Musky out of Otisco so I understand your concern. The only reason I mentioned Otisco is the guy was looking for some hardwater fishing closer than Oneida and he said he had had 100 views with no comments about Cross Lake. The Tiger comments were because I thought it might interest HIM because he was the guy that would be traveling and hauling his gear. I fish Otisco often and have also dropped every Tiger I have caught back in but i could care less about who keeps the fish or what they do with them after they catch them. Mount 'em, eat 'em or release them...their choice.
  4. Just an FYI... The third near record tiger was caught yesterday on Otisco. Coincidentally, the guy he was fishing with is the current world record holder.
  5. Otisco is closer if you are traveling from the west or south west
  6. I purchased one recently and I want to throw my Wraptor Wraps away now! So much easier to sight, grab and store. Love it...
  7. ..There are crappie in there as well
  8. You could always try the ice on Otisco Lake too. Two near world record Tigers pulled from there already this year about two weeks apart. The eyes are there but the perch are not brutes ... 10-12 inch max. There is a new Boat launch on the southwest corner by the causeway for parking, but I would suggest fishing the north side of the causeway. A buddy of mine that lives up on the hill says there are guys out there all the time so the ice must be good. Just be careful near the channel through the causeway.
  9. Oneida is the clear winner for Walleye hands down. The "Ditch" off of the Seneca River is in fact a good walleye spot but I do not even bother to fish the Lake for walleye. I use it mostly for the days that the wind is blowing hard but I want to get out. Fish the lake for Pike , Perch, White Perch, Catfish and the occasional Musky. Sometimes run up the river and cast the banks. Ya never know what might strike.
  10. All good but thanks. Got a Solas SS on right now and have a SS Yamaha VMax Shift dampener prop with small dog ears on two blades. At $600+ I want to get it repaired!
  11. I fish Cross Lake several times a year by boat and it always surprises me how few fisherman are on it. Maybe I just pick good days?. Not sure where you would access it from other than Cross lake Marina or the campgrounds. I am not sure if either are plowed???
  12. Great video... the fog sets the tone for sure!
  13. Any suggestions on local (Syracuse area) stainless steel prop repair? Would like someone that does it in house, keep the money local and avoid paying a "middle man". Thanks in advance!
  14. Sorry! Did not see the post from the guy that said he would take them all...
  15. Even BBC and Aljazeera are moving to the "sensationalistic" side of "journalism"... I have zero trust left in any of them
  16. I bought a couple of Raptor roll up wraps. This box is much better and easier to access. highly recommend it. Plus its an upstate start up business besides!
  17. Just a plug for a members (dhm) product. His spoon and crankbait storage boxes are fantastic. Highly recommend looking in to them. It is so much easier than my Wraptor wrap. Way more space saving as well. Check it out... https://spooncrankbox.com/
  18. You cant beat experienced local knowledge... just like buying cheap, it isnt cheap anymore if you gotta buy it twice.
  19. How do you fish with mittens on? I can never get my knots tied
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