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  1. Try natural color stickbaits as well. That early there should be trout roaming the shoreline especially in the mornings.
  2. I have used it a TON...I have never charged the second battery. I also bought the regular Bubba flexible blade filet knife too. I Think its easy to slice off the skins and trim with it. Not complaining, I like the product. Just would have liked it even more at that lower price!
  3. I paid $170 for mine last year, FishUSA or Cabelas
  4. Great article and what an accomplishment. Bet shes having loads of fun! Those handmade lures her boyfriend makes look amazing!
  5. No I got ya...feel the same. Different tactics for different situations... I also like using the Church stern planers down the chute 200'+ back from the boat. Picked up a lot of fish that way and they stay out of the way! Easy to deploy and retrieve too. Same issue with traffic though, gotta watch for yahoos cutting across the stern!
  6. Is there slips or dock space here? I see canoe rental mentioned but no mention of it being waterfront or not?
  7. My bow seat mounted mast is about 6.5 feet off the deck and the bow deck is 14" higher than the rear deck. With boards out I have to stand in the walk thru and reach up to grab a line. Have never had a line within two or three feet of my head. I have and do run four Church inline boards as well but each method has situations that they are better suited for. Running in and out of pin buoys or in a good chop, pulling big boards is the way to go. Plus I have never had to clear lines with the big boards. I would also not try running four inlines off one side of the boat, something easily done sliding lines down a big board setup. They each have advantages and disadvantages I suppose. They both catch fish!
  8. Great idea ! Even with my bow seat mounted mast that would simplify things. I have a bunch of small paracord that would be just the ticket...thanks
  9. My boards pull so hard if I had a mast mount all the way forward I would have to stand on the Gunnels, and lean out to grab the line every time. Seems like it would be a **** setting lines and almost dangerous with any chop. To each his own...
  10. Sounds like you are headed in the right direction...good luck!
  11. I like it in that spot. Easy to grab the tow lines and you can reach around and get a hand on the wheel if the wind pushes the boat a little wonky. Even with the I-Pilot it sometimes want to head places I dont want to go and always at the worst times!
  12. Thats a nice spot as well, but a long run if you are targeting the Fair Haven/ Sodus area
  13. I would do the bow seat mount and just move poles if needed, if you are running boards you will probably have four poles in use anyway. I do not think I would go with the mount on the prow. That would make it difficult to handle lines and control the boat I think. The tow lines would be too far forward.
  14. I put my 6' mast right into a bow seat mount extension and it works beautiful With rods in the far back storage it still might interfere during hard port turns though. If you left the back three holders open you might be fine.
  15. The Anchor Resort and Marina has cabins as well, may have dock space as well, they are right on Little Sodus Bay... Lived in Fair Haven for 20 Years but its been a bit so you would have to verify.
  16. What payment form do you accept? Venmo or paper check?
  17. Thanks for the feedback! If they've been sprayed 3x I don't see where any more will make a difference! Fish on!
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