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  1. All good trades... you should not have much trouble finding something you are happy with. You should check with Lockheed Martin in Syracuse and see if they have something up your alley. Great pay and benefits and there are a lot of great locations for both family and fishing within 30 minutes.
  2. What type of work are you looking for or comfortable with?
  3. I will be completely honest with you. Similar to 2lb Perch I raised my family just outside the Fair haven village limits. Had 25 acres on 400 acres of family property. I loved the area , Red Creek school district...not so much but maybe its changed . Either way as much as I love the geography I would get out of New York. Taxes, regulations, fuel prices are all ridiculous and its not going to get better. There are 10 "tax free" states that I would look into if I were in your shoes. As soon as I retire I am out! I am seriously looking at Tennessee , the Chattanooga area I think or maybe Texas. Big decision ahead for you, good luck!
  4. Sounds like you enjoyed your stay! Its a beautiful park for sure...
  5. It is sad that it has to come into it but that is the current situation in which we live. The divide is so great that if you are going to sit and shoot the bull with a complete stranger for 5 or 6 hours in a boat its probably going to come up. There are a LOT of people out there now that have become fanatical about it on both sides so I understand why he wants to get it out there before things go south an hour into what should have been a relaxing day on the water. I would probably do the same in his shoes... Good luck finding a fishing mate or two "Draggin the Line"!
  6. Go to the bay side where the boat launch is. There is like 500' of bay shoreline with good bottom to fish. You can try off the channel pier for browns or even a salmon if you get lucky. By the Bluffs there used to be an old smaller pier that was pretty good to fish off of if its not all busted up by now, just be careful of the waves. The pond channel is OK but its heavily fished. The bay shoreline is your best bet for sure, and you can drive right there and damn near fish out of your vehicle! Have fun and good luck. I lived in Fair Haven for 22 years, great little town.
  7. How do people contact you for charters?
  8. Maybe 15 years ago we had three people drown right in that washtub in your photo there, trying to rescue one another.
  9. With the wind like it was I am surprised that you can see the pier. Lived in Fair Haven for 22 years, it can get really ugly. Got stuck in deep water once with a 17' whaler and a couple of buddies with 10-12 footers. I will NEVER forget that 15+ mile run back in. Young, dumb and lucky!
  10. Good luck with your effort! Stay safe!
  11. https://www.newyorkconstructionreport.com/work-begins-on-little-sodus-bay-project/
  12. and windy as hell out of the WNW...not good
  13. I would not make the trip, Friday... damn near gale force at times, gusting to 43MPH from the west. Saturday still blowing until midday and Sunday better but not great. Google "Windfinder Lake Ontario Rochester" ...
  14. Dont know the height offhand but its high. I can run beneath it with my 17'Starcraft with a 10' rod in a ratchet mounted on the gunnel straight up and it does not touch... gotta be 12' plus I would guess, maybe even 14.
  15. I believe he is referring strictly to his rods not his riggers?
  16. I was on Owasco Saturday...short trip with a late start....Knew I should have started in shallower! Nice fish!
  17. Betcha that felt good! I have only been out once so far...on Owasco. It was blowing hard and rough going. The first time that I have been skunked since I bought the new rig in August of 2019! Hope I have got that out of my system for the season!
  18. Yep ... another good option depending on your direction of travel
  19. There is also Daves Bait and Tackle just west of Auburn a couple of miles .... 1421 Turnpike Rd Auburn, NY 13021
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