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  1. Nice!!! What a great start to the season!
  2. I use a Terrova with Ipilot for my 17ft starcraft. Its a 12V system. I power it with the best Gel battery I could find an usually run it to steer the boat while trolling. I have run it almost 6 hours straight and have yet to kill it. I fish alone a ton and it does a hell of a job following way points but wish I had gone with the upgrade to follow contours. I did put the original trolling battery in a battery box with a 4' length of cable and a female connector on the end so if I ever ran low on juice I could just plug right in but I have never needed it so I stopped carrying it . I only bring it on trips for a backup now. I have zero complaints with the system. A heavier boat I would go with a 24v system though as well.
  3. Sure does not sound like its going to help much does it... too little, too late.
  4. I would be concerned about a hard blow locking me and my 17' Starcraft in there with no way to pull the boat out on the day I need to leave.
  5. I have done a ton of photography and video in the past...this was very well put together. Nice job!
  6. If you type "Planer Mast" in the search box in classifieds a few options will pop up.
  7. Here is a video from Onyx showing how they inflate automatically. I think these have to be submerged for the plastic canister that holds the "bobbin" to fill with water. They can be switched to a pure manual mode as well. Onyx A/M-24 Automatic / Manual Inflatable Life Jacket (PFD) - YouTube
  8. Gotcha Chowder...thanks. It makes sense for sure.
  9. The Onyx inflatables are Coast Guard approved...perhaps I misunderstood your post?
  10. I picked up a couple of these for about $100 each last year. They seem comfortable enough and I am a big dude. 6'1 275lbs. Onyx A/M-24 Automatic/Manual Inflatable PFD Life Jacket - Blue - 132000-500-004-15 | Anchor Express
  11. You know there is a launch at the south end of Owasco as well?
  12. Figured as much. Should come up over the next two weeks.
  13. I have a set of the dual axis...absolutely love them
  14. Hows the Emerson park launch?
  15. Just FYI...the wind speeds here are in meters/second 10 meters/second is about 22mph
  16. Very nice! Love the big eye look . Gonna put both of those on my list as well!
  17. Because it was relevant to the topic... Just like HR1 and HR127 are relevant to the firearms laws. As sportsmen it behooves us to stay on top of it.
  18. A bit of a rant but there is a point there about stewardship. Thats what I take away from it.
  19. Absolutely no shame warranted! You should probably post up often with some photos of your finished product. I bet there would be guys wanting to purchase!
  20. I used a seat extension and drilled a 5/16 hole straight through the extension and the mast. I slide the mast into the seat extension which locks into the base and slip a 2" spring lock pin through the hole I drilled to lock the mast into the extension...works like a champ. The pin also prevents the mast from twisting as well.
  21. Where is the nearest launch? Can you PM rates?
  22. I have got to wonder how this will really be enforced? Patrol will not have any idea if you are using a lanyard until after you are stopped at which point you are not required to have it connected. My guess it will only be used in cases of actual runaways.
  23. Since January 1st we are only 0.5" below average for precipitation. Lat year on this date we were over 3.0" below average so we are not in bad shape.
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