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  1. Not a whole lot to report today... Lines in at 7 setup in 45 where I had a ton of bait and marks on Saturday. Today there was hardly anything to be found. Trolled North until about 110 fow and saw one mark in about an hour. Not much going on at where I was. A few bait balls and a couple of marks here and there but nothing consistent at all. Ended up picking up a laker on a 5 color. At least I didn't get skunked!
  2. Cannon Mag 10 with telescopic arm , base and ball retriever. Seems to work fine but I haven't used it. asking $125 Can be picked up in Spencerport.
  3. For sale is a pair of Blue Diamond Roller rods. One is a 10' and the other is a 8'6" meant for a high/low diver setup. The shorter rod has an extra tip section where the last roller is a bit loose (easily fixable) I went through these and took apart all of the rollers and bushings and oiled them which was a pain. The foam on the butt sections are a bit buggered up on both of them due to using a cradle style rod holder. See pics. I was going to shrink wrap them but went a different route. asking $75 for both or $40 for the 10 footer and $45 for the 8.5 footer. Can be picked up in Spencerport.
  4. Had good marks a bit west but not that far from the outlet.
  5. Similar story to me. I headed right out to about 250 and trolled north until over 300. Very few marks or bait. Headed back in and took a skippy on the rigger and then another a few minutes later landed another on a slide diver out 250. Not a whole lot going on from 250 fow to about 110. Saw a few marks in that area you caught your king. Trolled in to about 50 fow and thats when i had a descent screen. Lots of marks and bait. 40 to 50 was best. Took a laker in 40fow on slide diver out about 40 foot and then hooked another a half hour later. Beautiful morning though!
  6. Took the wife and kiddo out this morning out of iBay. Lines in at about 830 and started in around 100. Tooled around a lot between 120 and 160 and then back to about 80. Some bait on the bottom and didnt see any marks for lakers. Only went 1/2 with a 6 or 7# king close to the bottom on a magnum spoon. Had a few "streakers" checking out my spread but tough fishing. Surface temp was about 50 and 60 in the Bay. Worth noting there is a TON of bait in the channel and in the bay. Birds were having a field day. Probably has something to do with the fact I didnt even really mark any lakers. Where did they go? Will the baitfish spawn slow things down for a few weeks?
  7. Ill take the LC47LC5s off your hands. Sending PM now.
  8. Headed out of Ibay and headed east. Lines in around 8am out at 1. Setup pretty close to the outlet and headed towards Webster where there were a ton of boats. Water seemed like it had a nice green/brown color. Went 15 for 18. Most of those were little browns. Biggest was 4# or so. Also picked up a small coho. We seemed to run into pods of fish where we would get 3 or 4 in 10 minutes then troll for a half hour and get one hit. Had a pair of doubles. Started with 2 flavors of orange DW SS spoons and 2 flavors of green and a pair of bayrats. Fish preferred green spoons hands down. Took a nice rip on a bayrat that was a bigger fish that was it for stickbaits. Pulled a few different ones for longer than i should have and they just didnt produce. I though this was strange.... Caught a lot of fish on the downriggers down 5-8. ( I almost left those at home) Short coppers on boards also took several fish. Almost all of the action was in 12FOW @ about 2mph. Note that most of my trolling was with with my trolling motor only as I was testing out a new setup. Seems like it was more stealthy than using my kicker. First trip of the season was a good one! Nice weather and my old boat and gear mostly worked. Even caught some fish! Tons of boats out there today. Would love to hear how everyone else did. Post up!!!!
  9. I used a leader storage container made by lindy but it was too small of a diameter for my liking and imparted some memory into my leaders. I now use zip locks where I have about a 50% chance of frustration free deployment. (less in low light conditions or when the fish are biting) This thread is a reminder that I need to find a better solution for this season. May give the "fat" pool noodle a try. Love to see some other ideas.....
  10. I reckon you could add a snap weight at either end but I think most folks add it just after the leadcore. Advantage being is that if you think your LC is running 4ish feet per color, you'd have a slightly more accurate guesstimate if you added a couple ounces and another 50ft of line out. Not sure if there is a good rule of thumb here as there is a great deal of drag added with several colors behind the boat. Current and speed will have a big impact. You can probably get around this if you used a real heavy weight and dialed it in with a fish hawk TD but I dont think most folks do this. Torpedo weights have the advantage in that they have a calibrated dive chart using 30# braid. Current would impact this much less as the braid is considerably thinner than LC. Your rod holders are not strong enough for a standard dipsey but you might get away with small ones but you'd need to be careful. I think that many would say that a 7 color and snap weight would be pushing it as it is. Better rod holders would be a good investment if you plan to do this stuff with any regularity. My 2 cents...
  11. +1 on the inexpensive UV flashlight on Amazon. Make sure to get one with a descent amount of lumens as the cheapest ones aren't very bright and don't work very well.
  12. I run a 19ft aluminum that is fairly wide but doesn't have particularly high sides so when it gets a little choppy, my options are limited. Speed is not an issue for me going with the wind as I use a throttle controller, but at some point my kicker doesn't turn enough RPMs to provide much thrust which makes steering very difficult. I will be installing an ipilot TM in a few weeks which I hope provides some more options. I was under the impression that bags were only for big boats to control speed but talking to a few folks at Niagara this weekend changed my mind and I will be trying a set of small ones at some point this season. Folks seem to agree that they are a game changer to asset with boat control. As others have mentioned, do what you need to do to make speed control reasonably easy and experiment if and when you can to see what generates hits.
  13. We used to troll the ledge with stick baits and would catch a lot of sheepshead and some big perch. Very steep drop-off as others have mentioned. Sometimes the graph would be absolutely stacked when the fish were in there.
  14. Got the goods in the mail today. Thanks for the fast shipping!
  15. I went out of Ibay for a late morning trip from 10-2. Headed N in search of some lakers. Fished 90 to 140. Not much bait or anything on the screen. Couple of marks down 60 over 120 but not worth trying to setup on. Didnt run my fish hawk as I was bouncing the bottom. Had a charter boat follow me for a little bit and it looked like they were fishing for lakers as I saw a couple of cowbells. Didnt mark anything on the bottom until i got to about 120. Fishing was slow as far as lakers are concerned. Not a whole lot of marks. Ended up 4/5. All fish over 12# with one pushing 20# which was my biggest of the season. Kids first time out on the lake and she did great. Shes 3 and had a blast casting her barbie rod off the front of the boat. According to her I am not allowed to catch any medium sized fish because they are mean. Big ones are acceptable. Realize that this intel probably doesnt help you much. Hope you are feeling better! Good luck!
  16. This is a good reminder to cover my FH when I take the cover off the boat. Lots of condensation in the morning and I'm not sure I trust the display or connections to be waterproof. Rice method works for wet/moist electronics. I've had it work on stuff I would have sworn was toast....
  17. Did anyone get into anything today? I did not. Marked some fish here and there with a couple of streakers and managed to tangle up half my spread really good at one point. Hope others did better. Thinking it is time to start focusing on the woods......
  18. Im halfway in between the river and bay. Fished 60 to 80. More marks in closer. Heading out deeper as well. Temp 65 at surface and 60 at the bottom. Very consistent temp..... No bites.
  19. Ill be launching out of i Bay and heading towards the river. I plan on dropping lines halfway in between. Will post what I find.
  20. Set lines just before 7am in 80fow and headed NNW. Saw some bait and marks in 80-90. No takers. Temp at surface and 10 foot off the bottom was about the same until about 120fow. Screen was blank from about 100 until about 140. Headed out to 220 or so with no bites then headed back shallower. Wanted to head deeper but it got a little choppy for my 19 footer. Once we hit 170, the screen was full of bait and fish down 120-140. Hooked a mature on a green FF on the rigger down 130 over 160 and lost it right at the boat. We spun around and hit the same water about 20 minutes later and hooked another mature. Different green FF down 130 on the rigger. This one was also lost right at the boat due to a terrible net job which I have to take the blame for. =0( Large deeper divers with FF and meat and spoons on coppers/boards with snap weights took no hits. Went 0/3 with the two lost matures and a knock off. Lots of junk and weeds in the water. Fleas minimal. Fished for browns in 80fow for a bit with no luck. Lots of boats looked like they headed NNE out deep then came back inside then looked like they went out farther again. Pulled out and headed to Billy's for a cheeseburger and a cold one. Both the cheeseburger and beer were very good. Where are all the reports?
  21. Headed out of ibay this morning NNE to about 90 fow. Set rigger down 70 about 6:45 and went to set a second rod and it fired with a descent brown. Spoon wasnt down 1 minute. Temp was deep but consistent. Headed to 150 and hardly anything on the graph and no bites so headed back shallower. When we hit about 110' around 8am we started to get into some action. At this point we were farther west somewhere in the middle of the bay and river. Riggers with carbon 14 mags down 75 to 85 and dolphin nk28s on cheaters took hits as did my 300ish copper with a carbon 14. Went 11/15 with a few skippies, a 5# king, an atlantic (first for me), a laker and several browns. Browns were all 6-8#s. Took a good rip on a F/F out 150 on a deeper diver. Fleas were almost non existent. For a couple hours is seemed like we didn't go more than 10 minutes without a hit which was pretty cool. Lake got pretty choppy around 1130 so calls it quits. Maybe next time well get some big ones. Hope this intel helps someone.
  22. Have some questions on what to expect when we start to head into fall. Almost all of my Lake O experience was summer time almost 20 years ago and not so much in the fall. We fished hard and caught some fish but now I have my own boat that is fairly well rigged for trolling and really don't know what to expect. Looking on some info on what I can expect as the fish start to change their behavior and get ready for the fall. Other than moving in front of the rivers, what kind of technique or tackle changes should I be thinking about? About what time do the kings start moving shallower? I saw a couple of fish that were starting to turn dark already. What are the implications with fish changing color, moving closer to the rivers? Any implication in meat quality when they turn colors or does it decline when they are closer to the rivers? How about browns and steelhead? Anything else you would like to share I'm all ears! This site has been a wealth of knowledge for a guy like me. Thanks, in advance, for your time in sharing your knowledge.
  23. I set lines at 150 around 7 this morning. Temps were not consistent but I did mark some fish. At one point I had 70 degrees down 100 over 150. I did pick up a nice king over 220 down 110 on carbon 14 spoon. Funny thing is that I saw a "streaker" on the graph and mentioned it to my dad. 2 seconds later a rod fires and a 20#er heads for the moon. Wonder if the fish followed the meat rig on the other rigger and then hit the spoon that was set a bit farther out? Finished the day 2/3 with a skippy and a knock off. Headed back to the dock around 1130 to haz mat situation. There must have been 5 fire trucks and 40+ firefighters, LEOs and DEC. I guess a boat that was parked at the dock was leaking oil or gas?? Took more an hour and a half to get the boat out as they had everything blocked off. This situation cost me a free cheeseburger. =0(
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