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  1. I just installed the p66 with the adapter cable. Works fine with the 93sv. As mentioned above, you need to select the frequencies manually so it doesn't auto detect. Seems like it is a big upgrade over my Gt54. Marks show up clearer and it picks up a whole lot more. Need a bit more time on the water with it but seems like it was great with my limited experience running it.
  2. Picked up some 30# Sunline Supernatural NoFlea Line from Fish USA a week or so ago and tried it out today for the first time. $40 got you 1,200 yards so not terribly expensive. My first impression was this stuff feels like a good quality line. Compared to regular mono it stretches a lot less but just feels good. It is also quite a bit thinner than "regular" line. The specs say 30# is .017. 20# Big Game is .018 so it is actually thinner than a tried and true 20#. I wanted to see how well this stuff compared to "regular" line so I only spooled up one of my reels. The other had 20# yozuri hybrid. (OK maybe not regular line but at least something to compare to) I really did not do any scientific tests with this stuff but at least I had a control. I had both rods down within 20 feet of each other and left them down for about a half hour or so fishing out of Sandy Creek at around 150fow today. Fleas were pretty bad. When i picked up both rods they both had a LOT of fleas on them. The Sunline didnt seem to be any better. I fished the rest of the morning with this stuff and am not impressed. My first impression is that if it helped, the results were minimal. That said, this seems like a good quality line. Reviews of the regular sunline supernatural are great and their flouro is top notch IMO. I will update this post after a couple more trips with my final opinion. Does anyone have any luck with other no flea line? In the past I sprayed my mono with silicone and that seemed to help a bit. I do want to try that at some point with this stuff and see if that helps.
  3. We spoke at the dock. I got there a couple minutes before you. I started setting lines in around 100 fow straight out from the channel. Landed a 2 yr old king before i could get the 4th rod set. Fish hit a glow green alewife spoon 40 foot behind a slide diver out about 175. 2 minutes after i got my 6th rod set we landed another 2 year old king on the other slide diver out about 200. Same spoon. Kings were around 150fow. After that we had a steady pick of steelhead between 100-180fow. I believe we caught 5 or 6. One on the slide diver that ripped a whole lot harder than a 5# fish should, 2 or 3 on the rigger with mag UV spoon, one on a sliding cheater with orange SS spoon. Clean meat rig on a 300 copper off a board did nothing. Same as a FF on a 200 steel. Fleas were a bit of a pain. Was excited to try some new "no flea" line and it worked terribly. Ill post a review of it at some point. Nice morning to be on the water!
  4. P66 seems like the best bet as you get 600 watts and a 45 degree beam. See below for a side by side of transducers with a wide beam from garmins site. (im sure you are looking at the same thing) Not sure whether the extra 100 watts or 5 degree beam width matters much but the P66 has it all. freq power beam width pins retail UHD Sv Compatible per Garmin GT20 77/200 500w 45/15 4 $99 Yes w/adapter cable GT21 50/200 600w 40/10 8 $149 Yes w/adapter cable GT41 50/200 600w 40/10 12 $199 Yes Garmin Dual Beam 77/200 500w 45/15 8 $79 Yes w/adapter cable Airmar P66 50/200 600w 45/11 8 $159 no??
  5. Garmins website says the P66 isnt compatible with the a UHD 93sv but i see that there are 8 pin to 12 pin adapters widely available. I also see that airmar makes a 6 pin transducer for garmin as well. I can get a 6 pin P66 from a buddy. Is there anyway to make that work? Thanks again!
  6. This is probably a silly question but it there any reason i shouldnt mount a p66 right next to my gt54 and swap them around as needed? Can the P66 be used at the same time as the gt54 if the frequencies are different? I have 2 head units and have them networked currently so they share the gt54. 19ft aluminum/outboard for me. Thank you for the intel! I think id like to try a P66......
  7. The 57 diawa is just a hair larger than the size 45 okuma reels. The size 55 okuma reels are a lot bigger which is nice and confusing! I love my daiwa 57s as I can run almost 300 feet of 32# blood run copper and plenty of 40# backer and get similar depth to the next size reel. A 57 daiwa will not fit 300 foot of 45# copper or weighted steel which is the same diameter. I made this mistake myself......
  8. You cannot. You can squeeze 300 foot of 32# copper and a descent amount of 30# braid backing. For WS or 45# copper you can fit about 200 on that sized reel and have a comfortable amount of backer IMO.
  9. For what its worth I ran 2 divers in my spread all last year with about 7-8 foot leaders and they just flat out werent working for me. Switched to slide divers this year and am running 40 foot leaders and they are out producing my riggers and junk lines 3:1.
  10. Lines in at about 630 and out around 1030. Started in 90 and headed straight out until about 225 which was past a few boats. Picked up a few fish then stayed around 175 for a bit and picked up a few more. No bait and almost no fish on the graph. Action slowed a bit then headed shallower where there were a few boats. Started to see a little bait and fish on the screen. Action was pretty steady all morning. Ended up 12/14. 11 kings and an atlantic. 1 king was mature and 1 was a skippy so lots of 2 year olds. Slide divers with glow green alewife spoons in both mag and regular were hot anywhere from 100 to 200 foot out. (standard size with mag ring) Mature came on a 200 steel off a board with a moonshine crab face spoon. The other mature we hooked was on a 300 copper with a F/F. I ran another F/F on a rigger and that was the only rod that didnt see any action. Most fish seemed pretty high in the water column. Water temp down 50 was 45-50. Best water seemed to be around 125. Took a buddy and his kid out for his birthday. Kid had a blast!
  11. Pretty sure we passed each other out there a few times. I was in the blue mirrocraft with 2 white outboards. We were fishing the same area. Best screen seemed to be 120 to 140. We went 3/5 with 2 junior kings and a laker fishing 730 to abut 1130. All fish came on slide diver down 70-80 foot Both kings hit a glow green alewife spoon like in your pic above. Took a real good rip on a 300 copper that came unbuttoned before we could get to the board. There were a ton of fish and bait on the graph on the bottom around 85 fow . Not sure what they were. Although not bad at all, we ran across some fleas. First time i have seen them around this year. Nice day to be on the water!
  12. He is saying that if you use 19 strand wire as backing for the 100 steel (its thin and aerodynamic) the 100 steel will continue to sink and get you to about the same depth as a 200 steel would if you let out additional 19 strand wire. Personally; I would want to see the data from someone that used a fish hawk TD to understand how much line out would be necessary to achieve XX additional depth on top of the steel. It may be out there somewhere already. I have a feeling its not as simple as letting out an additional 100 foot of 19 strand and getting about another 20 foot down. That said a line counter reel will get you consistent that that is really more important anyways IMO.
  13. A 200 weighted steel combined with snap weights offers a ton of versatility. You can fit this length on a daiwa 57/okuma 453 sized reel and can be reeled in quickly on a high speed reel. Great for running down the shoot or off boards. As others have mentioned steel is a LOT easier to run. I run 2 riggers 2 slide divers and 2 planer boards on my 19 footer and find that setup works well for me and is hard to get all tangled up. I swore i would never run a reel the size of a coffee can for a long junk line but i just bought one. =0(
  14. Possibly. Shoot me a pm with a Pic of what you are thinking. Thank you!
  15. ** Price Drop ** $65 for both or $35 for the 10 footer and $40 for the 8.5 footer. Price is pretty firm as Ill hold on to them for less. Will entertain trades for more fishin or outdoor things I don't need. =0)
  16. It is sold pending funds. If the deal falls through I will send you a pm. Thanks!
  17. One for today before the rain came. Fish jumped straight up in the air and flung the lamprey about 20 feet. Probably a lucky fish. 20230609_104101.heic
  18. Thank you! Great info! Ill pack a few extra short cores/coppers and leave the deep stuff at home. Im sure Ill be lurking around the marina a lot this week. I will let you know how I do.
  19. Appreciate the intel. Thank you!
  20. I will be taking the boat to Sampson this Thursday for some camping and fishing. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction of a good starting point on what to expect and what I should bring to target silver fish. I have a formidable arsenal of gear at my disposal, but don't want to bring a ton of stuff that I wont need. If I can expect fish fairly close to the surface I'd like to leave the long coppers at home. I am also going to bring some bass/panfish gear as well so if there is a bite worth fishing, I'm all ears. Fried perch on the campfire sounds awfully good to me! Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  21. ** Price Drop ** $90 takes it. Need gone.
  22. I use 50# stainless VMC swivels (size 10) for most of my connections on leadcore, copper and steel. Size 12 (40#) are also good. These are both very small and go through guides easily. Leadcore plays nice with knots so I wouldnt hesitate to go that route either.
  23. While I have a lot less experience running inline boards than a lot of folks on this board I run OR12s, ninja boards and the big church TX44s. I think the ninja board will pull a 300 copper with a couple of ounces of weight attached. Not likely they will pull any more than that. TX44 or the big offshore boards is probably what you are looking for if you want the option to run heavy snap weights. My ninja boards are about in between OR12s and TX44s.
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