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Found 313 results

  1. Jigged Long Point, front of college. 100 to 105 FOW best. Hermits 1.25 oz painted white glow with lunker city alwife shaker best. 16 netted fish total, A number of shake offs and lots of nibbles. Son out did me as usual. 11 pound 32". Most in 25" to 27". Kept 3 for smoker, rest went back. Bit of a chop but no one else around other than pleasure boaters buzzing within 30 yards and waving!!!! Probably get worse next 2 days.
  2. Good day on Cayuga 30 fish in the boat on a 6 hour trip fish came on 300 400 coppers 180 and 210 on the wire 2.5 setting 50 50 70 on the riggers. I don't think color mattered much. We did run fast 2.5 to 2.7 at the ball down 70 in 47 degree water. Mostly Lakers and about 10 small land locks. My clients ended up with 13 good fish to take home with them.
  3. Went out with my wife yesterday afternoon. Started setting lines in 130 FOW north of Long Point. Took a shot on the dipsy before we got the whole spread out - big fish, shook the hook. Kept trolling south and stopped marking. Fished from 130-90 FOW with no screen. Pointed the boat back north, got back out to 130 when we decided to clear lines. Brought in the first stacked rigger, and there was a little rainbow shaker on there. Not sure how long he'd been on for, but he was still in good shape. As we tossed him back, the deep rigger started shaking - 3.5lb laker. Introduced him to his new vacation home, and kept clearing lines. As I was bringing in the starboard dipsy, something pounded it and headed straight for the surface. By now I was completely shut down by fleas, and I saw a big silver flash behind the boat, then he was gone. Before I could get that rig the rest of the way in, the port rigger starts pounding. Again, the fleas bogged us down, and the fish shook free. No hot lure - took shots on NK28 SSW, NK28 Glow w Green Spots, NK28 Watermelon, small Evil Eye Black/Purple Tape, reguar Evil Eye chart. w orange dots Tired of peeling snot of the line, we switched to jigging. I stung one in 110 FOW, then we headed in. 2/3 of my rigger rods were spooled with 10lb mono, and the other was with 30. The fleas were noticeably better on the 30 lb. My dipsy rods are spooled with 30 lb braid - shame on me for letting them soak as long as I did without checking them. Moral of the story, switch to your summer flea line, or check them every so often if you're fishing the northern reaches of Cayuga. Not sure how they are down south, should find out later this week. Chris
  4. Recently I went fishing on Cayuga with my Dad. We had a good day fishing, but on the way in my gimble bearing started to rattle, bad. I noticed it a little before, but not this bad. No big deal except Theresa's brother and kids are here from California and I promised them a fishing trip. So yesterday I bought a gimble, and all the bellows and hose and gaskets to do the job. I never did this before and it took me 12 hrs. Theresa's brother Fred and son Pacee were here for dinner and helped me finish up the job. I couldn't have finished the job without their help. So today we go to Cayuga to "shake her down". Pacee has been fishing all his life with no luck. Even on some ocean party boat trips. The only fish he ever caught was an 18 inch laker with Theresa and I last year. We braved some rough water to do that. Today was a whole different story. Started out of Deans Cove at 630. By 650 we had our first fish in the boat and it never stopped from there. We caught a total of 27 fish and lost 4. Had 6 doubles and 3 triples. (we probably didn't log them all due to the fast pace today) Pacee boated a 10.9 laker, 4 lb landlock and several other fish. We had more fun today than I have had in a while. Rods were firing all day non stop. We couldn't go wrong today the fishing was phenomenal! This young fella was so pleased he could not stop telling me thank you. He was in his wildest dream today and so were Theresa and I to see him and his Dad have so much fun. These are the days we all continue to fish for. We had the opportunity to take them fishing and the fishing could not have been better! Tons of fun, tons of fish and tons of stories to tell. That's what keeps me, and i'm sure most of us, hooked on fishing. We were able to make this young mans day today, and we were pleased to be able to do so. Hot lures today for us, Copper Back KW Rattling lure and a new color (I'm not going to say because I will get a bunch of guys calling me for this and I'm not ready for it. Sorry, but i'm already so far behind I will not possibly be able to keep up) I will say that it was a Rattling Lure as well. Thermocline is strong north of Deans Cove.
  5. launched out of tunkhannok at 5:30am running 2 rig rods and a 0 dipsey as soon as we got second rod set we looked back at first one and it was going. landlock around 18inches(still swimming) purple spoon 50ft down in 300fow. got situated and moved into 120 and took 5lb laker 80ft over 120. decided to cross lake and try by the smoke stack. get set up and lost a good fish on dypsy. rig starts bouncing lost fish. other rig bounces lost another nice fish. all within 5 min just south of smoke stack. thought game on but fish had another plan. ran back to other side of lake to troll back toward lauch get just north of lauch in 120fow and both rigs start hammering land both one was 7.5lbs one was 8. 100ft down over 120 one on green frog color spoon other on green evil eye. set rigs again and bam big hit! bring 9lber to surface and into the net with people watching from park! other rod bounces and drop another fish. wind picked up so we decided to end on a good note. must have lost 5 or 6 and landed atleast 8 or 9 dinks. great day! back at it tomorrow!
  6. The forecast looks perfect for me to jig tonight. Since I don't have a trolling motor I am limited to those rare windless days to have any chance of keeping verticle. Going to be launching out of Myers, any tips, tricks, advice, starting depths, etc. are appreciated. It's my first time trying to get them on the jig, so all (most) comments are welcome. Thanks, Chris
  7. The forecast looks perfect for me to jig tonight. Since I don't have a trolling motor I am limited to those rare windless days to have any chance of keeping verticle. Going to be launching out of Myers, any tips, tricks, advice, starting depths, etc. are appreciated. It's my first time trying to get them on the jig, so all (most) comments are welcome. Thanks, Chris
  8. Went out Friday afternoon out of Meyers to break in new kicker motor. The launch was open with the water just a couple of inches from swamping the dock. There was a steady semi westerly wind (8 mph or so) that was pushing a lot of debris towards the east shore. I found lots of open water, with occasional debris. The debris, lots of it, was concentrated in several long slicks in the eastern third/quarter of the lake. The open water areas did have the same or slightly more loose wood in it that we have been experiencing for the last months. A few people were up on plane in the middle of the lake. I thought they were nuts! My prediction is next week to be cautiously navagitable, two weeks before the lake is back to its pre storms state. On a happier note, I threw out some lines in the top 10 to 30 feet just for the fun of it and caught two rainbows and a chunky laker. All came on a small purple spoon. Stay safe and keep a keen eye out for debris. Remember that Cayuga is under a no wake within 500 ft of shore restriction.
  9. A bit late but here it goes... Hit the water around 7am, launched from long point and started looking for fish. Couldn't find much bait so started targeting fish on the bottom and had good success. Ended up with 15 lakers in the boat and 4 in the cooler. Most fish were over 21" and after we had what we wanted in the cooler it was fun to catch and release a bunch. Fish came between 30-60 FOW. We finally did find bait later in the day around 1:30pm and got some nice fish there too but the sky turned evil and after static electricity started sparking off my pole onto my arm, we called it quits at 2:30pm (picture of sky below). Biggest fish was 28" and 8.6 pounds on the digital scale. This was my buddy's first big fish while Jigging and it was a great 15 minute fight with 3 runs the the bottom. All fish came on Hermits jig heads with white flukes. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  10. Got our two man limit of lakers all on leadcore, all fish were taken in less than 50 ft of water on east side of lake, opposite Deans Cove. Ran boards and sticks, both flat and with 2 colors of lead, no takers up shallow. Fish split evenly between 7 color and 9 color cores. Two different spoons won the day. (See picture) Only went 6 for 10 (plus a pickerel) but I am blaming the lost fish at the boat on my forgetting the net at home *sorry about the sideways pics, they show up correctly everywhere but here...
  11. Launched out of Myers on Sunday afternoon. Wanted to hit the water earlier in the am, but I guess last fall I did not leave things as organized as I thought I did, so took a long time to get things in order. I told myself that I would head south, but old habits die hard and north to the power plant I went. Landed one dink salmon on a 6 color lead core, and lost what felt like a solid fish that had hit a dipsy with a dodger/ fly as I was bringing it in. There was only 50 ft of line left out, so I guess it must have been near the surface. Water temps were around 35, all in all a beautiful first day on the water.
  12. Anyone know if myers launch is free of ice to launch . Was going to make a run out tomorrow for a little trolling.
  13. Entry Form Attached 20140908064205097.pdf
  14. Water was rough as today when we splashed down at 6:30am. Headed out from Myers with the intention of going up to the power plant but it was too rough by the time we got to Taughannock so we stopped there and hid behind the point. Two small lakers Jigging in 4 hours and we decided to experiment a little and try a new spot. Two drops and I hooked what we thought was a salmon but ended up being this beautiful brown when we got it in the boat, First one I have ever caught and it was a fighter. It hit the surface it jumped out of the water 3 times before we got it into the net and then proceeded to break the hook in half... Fished for another 2 hours without a decent bite and called it quits. Great day on the water with my Dad and hes glad he decided to come up last minute. Measured in at 23" and 6.6lbs on the digital scale. Catching browns is awesome -Pete
  15. Rented a cottage just north of Longpoint on the lake for the last week. Even thought I have them (we took pictures of all fish that landed in the boat to keep track of how many we had caught), I refuse to post the 50+ pictures of fish we caught last week Jigging. All fish were caught on the east side of the lake. All fish were caught on Hermit's 1oz or 1.5oz jig heads with zoom flukes (mostly white). Here are pics of the biggest 4. All fish were caught Jigging in the morning (we were usually on the water by 6am) and despite many attempts, we were unable to catch any at night... Not sure what I'm doing wrong there but the weather was also pretty bad most the time (that may have been the problem). Hell one night we went out in the boat with wetsuits on, in the middle of a what ended up being a monsoon but with no good results at either Deans Cove or on the east side across from it. The largest fish caught was by my sister and weighed in at 7.42 pounds on the digital scale and measured 28" long. All other fish (apart from the 4 below) were released unharmed (I'm getting good at this burping the fish thing). Second picture has bad color on it because my buddy was playing too much with it on his phone, its his first LT ever caught though. I took one of just the fish on mine but without faces. It would have been impossible to go vertical Jigging most days last week without the Minn Kota Terrova 24v with the 60" shaft (thanks to everyone who pushed for the 60" shaft and 24 volts when I was on the edge). The motor was awesome and enabled us to Jig for fish in pretty much anything that didn't crash over the bow of my 16.5" Aluminum Deep V Hull. As long as the battery's held out we could go Jigging and the motor kept us in one spot on the water. i-Pilot anchor lock is great! I highly recommend this upgrade (although it was expensive) for anyone who wants to be able to Jig regardless of bad weather or wind. I also made another discovery last week after my buddy pointed out to me I was using a nice Baitcasting reel on a spinning medium action ugly stick and convinced me to pickup a new pole. Honestly I never knew there was a different type of pole for Baitcasting reels. First day in the water with the Field and Stream Tec Spec Medium action baitcasting pole and I had 10 fish in the boat before 9am. It was a complete game-changer for me and as they were on clearance, I ended up buying 3 that night and replacing all my ugly sticks. The stiffness of the pole is perfect for Jigging and definitely allows you to feel the fish properly on the drop and better set the hook. Being able to feel the fish hit the jig and being able to react properly in a timely manor was the difference between 2 fish in the boat and 10+ in the same time. All and all it was a great week for fishing, only two incidents where the boat and the dock had a fight in the storms. The Tuesday storm I stayed out fishing a little too long and ended up smashing the transducer off the back of the boat when it came down hard as I was trying to put it on the lift. Lesson learned there, lucky the mount from my old fish finder (which I still have laying around) fit perfectly and we were back in action the next day. Thanks to all who helped with the decision on the motor and before it the FF, hummingbird 386CI performed great as well! -Pete
  16. Another good day on Cayuga. 11:30 am to 2 pm. Caught 12 kept 6 for friend who got mad that we were releasing most as he wanted some for freezer. Thanks to Alec from Deepwater lures for the ounce and quarter jigs. It was windy when first got out there and those jigs hit bottom quick and stay there. Actually caught some casting way downwind and just reel back on bottom. They would slam it when lifting jig after few bounces. Caught 2 fish less than 30' from boat reeling in. Mid day worked again. Thankfully we had a good netter with us as son and I hooked up at exact same time once. Shows we can fish without looking at looking at fishfinder, not jigging vertical, no trolling motor etc...90'- 100' was good today. All fish but the one in pic with the mark, were clean. DEC going to treat lamprey in a week. This will kill all the juvenile born this year as well.
  17. The Lansing Harbor Festival has a new name this year - Celebrate Lansing The fishing tournament is on August 9th 12:01am to 2:30pm - weigh in at 3pm. Attached is the entry form. (This is also day 2 of the LOU-ALL/Lighthouse Derby split date event of the 333 Tourney - Meyers Park Lift Project series) August 9 2014 light.pdf
  18. June 29th 2014 Daybreak to 1:00 pm (must be in at this time) Weigh-in at 1:15 at Bear's bait and Tackle in Myer's Park Weigh in 1 man's legal limit, Only 1 limit in cooler. All other rules same as years past. All DEC rules apply. Sign up on this post. Either $10.00 per boat or person your choice, You can pay at Bear's or at weigh-in Remember this is a for fun derby, The cash is nice but it's not the intent it's more of a get togehter and for Bragging rights.
  19. Went out of Dean's Cove, headed north. Left at 12:30pm and returned at 4pm. Found Laker temps. 48-52 approx. 50-65 ft. down. Trolled 2 Dipsy Divers 50 and 60 ft. down with Sutton spoons (38). Went 7 for 10, with one Landlocked in the mix. Action was very steady.....lot's of fun (and work) for one person! My kind of work........
  20. The 5th Annual Lighthouse Derby will be held on Aug, 9th 2014. This will be held in conjunction with the Lansing Community Day. (Harbor Festival) More details to follow, Entry forms should be available at Bear's in the next week. Have a few more details to work out. Scott
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