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Gotta chance to take the boat out for the first time out of braddocks. Didn’t have much optimism as my friends have been pretty slow. I set up in 70’ on a north troll and marked some sporadic bait but nothing of significance. We trolled from 100-120 for a couple hrs marking randomly with no luck. We swung around into 70’ where we saw bait early and took one shot on a 300 copper . After another hr we switched to cleaning gear, tying leaders and anything we could think of as we washed the lures lol… Beautiful morning out there and excited we’re finally rigged up and running smooth for the season 

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I did a skipper this weekend off the end of a bait mark 75 down over 140 fow: Seasick Waddler. Boats were scattered. East of the bay deep current was nasty. Struggled with blow back. Easy trolling once I got west of the bay though. 

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