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Sandy 6/11 PM dreaming of kings but happy with lakers

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Yes I would like kings but…..


after overheating 2 weekends ago and completing the repairs on Friday… we tried for 1.5 hrs for something in all the marks and bait we saw in 100 fow then changed set ups and went 11 of 13 on lakers (largest 13 lbs) in 2 hours including 2 doubles with my 84 yr old dad and another old friend


I will keeping dreaming of kings but be happy for some action!!

just east of sandy creek in 100 +/- fow

2 riggers w/ cowbells and spin an glows  5-10’ behind the balls dragging bottom. First time I tried this set up ever!!


hope this helps someone who just wants to catch something some days!



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7 hours ago, bill13661 said:

Are you in sandy creek near pulaski I thought the lakers were deeper but if there in 100 fow I'll have to try it

Sorry Bill!  Sandy creek in Hamlin just west of Rochester!  Good luck on the eastern end!

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