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Lyman Lures (plugs)

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I tried some Lyman 2" and 4" plugs yesterday in Ontario central basin of Lake Erie.  All I can say is wow!!  These things catch Steely and Walleye.


Just 2 of us yesterday running 4 rods (2 riggers and 2 Chinook #3 high divers) went 14-16 on Bows and over 40 walleye (all before noon).  Incredible day


Moonshine spoons certainly did some catching but Lyman's were very impressive, especially behind the diver with 6' lead.  


I would say the 4" did a little better than the 2" but it was close.  Huge walleye came on those 2".  


We were trolling anywhere from 2.2 to 3.2 mph at the ball.  


I had no idea on these lures until yesterday.  


I do think the front treble hook on the 4" lure could be removed without changing the hook up success.  We also put a split ring on the front to connect to swivel.  


Just wanted to post because I'm sure these lures would be equally effective on Lake O.  

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