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Had the pleasure of spending all last week on the river. While we had a couple rough days fishing because of the weather we were still able to catch a boat load of fish. We mainly fished for bass in the mornings and afternoons then turned to eyes in the evening. Every trip in the boat we had enough activity to keep it interesting with some real excitement mixed in. I was able to witness the largest fresh water fish I've ever layed eyes on one evening when a musky tried to steal an eye from me. We were able to get the entire thing on video so that made it perfect. I'm 100% sure the fish was ATLEAST 55" and probably pushing 60". We ended the week going in to Clayton to watch the Elite's for a weigh-in. I know most of you guys on here don't care for tourney fishing but this was definatly something that every fisherman should attend some time. I sure hope that this fishery stays thig good for my grandson to enjoy when he gets older.

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Had a Musky smash my plug when I was trolling for eyes same time last year.  Was able to coax him close enough to the boat to see him.  Problem was, he saw me too.  Looked at me for a second, gave one giant shake of his head and snapped me off like a toothpick.  They definitely seem to turn on around this time of year.  You don't have the fish but you'll always have this story to tell which is just as good!



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