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Well we started our week spring trip Friday and it started hot, but has sucked since. Blown off today, so I figured I'd take some time to post...

Friday: Got up here in the afternoon and the lake was like glass, so we went out from 6:30-8:30. We went 6 for 8 with two teen kings and the rest around 10lbs. 220fow didn't matter where or what. Straight out.

Saturday: Got up early and headed to the spot from the night before. The fish were gone. We managed two 6lb kings and a 5lb coho.

Sunday: My parents and sister came up to see how great the fishing is in the spring out of wilson (well they should have taken a charter). We sucked. We went 6 miles west and found a screen that was just amazing. We'd watch the fish check out each of our riggers just to not bite. We managed one good rip on a dipsey that lasted about 30secs, and one small king, but that was it.

Monday: We still suck. We traveled from 80fow to 350fow and marked very little. We managed to find a small picket and took two fish out of it a nice 20lb king on a 150' wire and a 8lb steelie on a rigger down 80' (figure that one out).

Today we're blown off the lake and need to go find somewhere to empty the holding tank that my family filled (thanks mom and dad :) ).

Hopefully, better days and reports to come! We're here until Saturday so hopefully we'll get out a few more times.


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