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A college buddy and I fished this past Saturday and Sunday out of Oswego.

Saturday we went out to 90 fow and headed east. We took one 20" Atlantic on a Stinger Dirty White Boy on a free slider on a 70 foot rigger. After we headed in for dinner we made a couple passes in the harbor before heading back out and took a 9" Atlantic on a flyrod and wooly bugger then motored out to Nine Mile bouy line until dark. Didn't move a rod. We pulled up gear and went to head in to troll for walleye on the way back and I was going to let Dom drive in to 20 fow. We went to go and he gave it throttle. It didn't seem like she wanted to go so I said give it some more throttle. Lesson #1: Don't forget the trolling bag!!! Thank god the snaphook straightened and we didn't rip the cleat off the bow. Boy how she shot right up on plane when that broke loose. Trolled in 15 to 20 fow and didn't get any walleye.

Sunday got a late start and left the harbor at 7:30. Went out straight from the harbor and fished 120 to 200 fow. Took one king 14#, dropped one at the back of the boat, 2 short Atlantics, and 2 short steelhead. Spoons were NK28 Sea Sick Waddler on a 70' rigger (both kings) and the DWB free slider again on a 70 and 90 rigger for the others and all over 135 fow Northwest of the dumping ground. Today's lessons: Replace the current autopilot for a bungee/ When a fish hits the free slider reel like hell to get the slack line under control/ Get a bungee or an extra fishing partner/ The counter on the probe rigger doesn't count right at all (Where do I get a replacement break-away cable for the probe?)/ When a fish hits mark it on the GPS/ The core and diver will get together if I use the autopilot.

Now I know what everyone means by "learning curve". Monday we fished Owasco with 2 additional people. The report will be in the FL section. Here's some pics.


Dominick and the first king aboard the "Pond Hop'r"



Tight Lines

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We all been there and done something like that. Welcome to the club. Some days you're the bat & some days you're the ball. Glad you had a nice day of it though. ;)

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