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2d transducer selection help!

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Need help with choosing the best 2d transducer for my application! I mainly troll Lake Erie in depths from 20’-120’, occasionally Ontario too but mainly fish with buddies up there. looking for clear picture while trolling and good searching ability while up on plane. These will be hooked into 2 garmin uhd 93sv’s at my dashboard(networked together).  So I’m looking at the following options:
- Garmin GT15M-IH(600w, 85-165kHz chirp, in hull)
- Airmar B117(600w, 50/200kHz traditional, thru hull)
- Garmin GT12M-THF(350w, 85-165kHz chirp, thru hull)
- Airmar B150M(300w, 95-155kHz chirp, thru hull)

Right now I’m thinking my best setup would be the Airmar b117 ran to one unit(widest cone for finding fish), and a gt15m-ih to the other(with y cable and gt30 on that same unit). I’m willing to sacrifice the side and down imaging if one of the other chirp transducers would be a better option than the gt15. Would also consider an Airmar b75m but that would use up a lot of the budget. 

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Airmar P66 is not listed as compatible on Garmins site but works fine (you just need to set it up manually)  I believe that has the widest cone out there.  Looks like it may be similar to the B117 you listed but its not very expensive if you didnt need a through hull.  I love mine and am using it with an adapter cable with a 93sv along with a gt54 for HD and side imaging.

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