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Ontario Gold 2024

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Got up to the big lake for some Gold action.  Water temp on the shore was a bit warm due to the mild winter and I was hoping we could find some pods of eyes and browns. As any trip, things start out in search mode until the electronics show what hope to be promising marks. We were met with a nice brown before dark and then hit a pod of eyes that put 3 in the box quick.  Other 3 took a bit longer but was able to have time to catch up with a great friend.  Shared a lot of laughs and ended the night in double digits with some nice eater browns.  Next night my son and his buddy came up. Typical Friday boat pressure on shore, decided to leave and find some fishing elsewhere.  Motored to a spot that produced in the past and it didn't disappoint. Rods started to fire and we had another exciting night on eyes with one quality brown. Speeds varied to get reaction strikes and colors didn't matter, everything got hit. Got to troll to find them and we you do, don't leave them. Our bite turned off and on and made the night interesting. Love this time of year. Tight lines.











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