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Week of the LOC Rochester 90+ Lakers boated

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Was able to get out and fish 5 days during the LOC out of Rochester.


The goal was to catch a big brown but the inside water cleared up and made it very difficult to target them.  I tried multiple techniques and locations and only boated 1.  


So take what the lake gives you, the salmon fishing out of Rochester was good to decent most days but we were not getting the size needed to place in the LOC.  We changed gears and targeted lake trout during the late mornings.


On Sunday I brought my kids and we fishing Lakers from 7:30-12:00 and boated 41 trying for that LOC fish kids division.  We came up short by a pound with the biggest around 17LBs and a handful around 16lbs.  


Hammerhead cowbells, NK cowbells with gambler rigs behind them on the riggers.  The Lakers were anywhere from 180'-100' close to the bottom. 


Colors did not matter these fish were hungry. I did notice when I was bringing the downrigger balls up the lakers would chase it.  So when I would see fish on the graph I would bring the down rigger up 10 feet and 9 out of ten times it would trigger a strike.  


The kids had a blast, I was tired but it was fun to constantly have fish on. All but 2 were released and burped!


Boated over 90 lakers all week just could not get a big one.


Eric 84691.thumb.jpg.ece74c9e40b0ab45461b3342ea3647d6.jpgIMG_6740.thumb.jpg.4d34a7894aea926e40d976175928b154.jpg

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