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1970 trim

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Had to put a "new" used trim pump in. After I got it in, it trims up really fast, goes down half way... I have to stand on it and have someone push the button but when it gets down it starts raising it back up. Also seems like it gets stuck half way. Everything worked last Sunday till I pull the boat out and tried lifting the motor so I doubt it's the rams.


My phone didn't save the picture of the wiring. It's a plug with red blue green but two other wires light blue and purple... I put the blue to the left front post of solenoid and the purple to the right big stud that the blue motor wire goes to. Trailer button worked for it to go up but not the up button. Solenoid just clicks for up. We are supposed to go on Lake O tomorrow but if I can't get the trim to work right I'll be trying to figure that out instead 

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Moved blue to far left post where main power comes in and left purple where it is. Switches started working(sometimes). Got the outdrive to go all the way up. Put it down it goes halfway down then it would lift back up slightly. Bleed the line to get it to go all the way down and check for air... Now it won't go up and just free spins. Fluid was topped off before and after bleeding... 


Drained all the fluid again put new fluid in... Went up goes down halfway and goes back up. The valve body is the same as the old one. 


Only thing I can come up with is maybe something in the valve is plugged??? Or the solenoid is weak. But even when I jump from the main battery and ground it... Sometimes it goes up, some times it just free spins...  

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