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Sorry for the late report. Got out with my brother and nephew both mornings out of Irondequoit. 

Saturday was a little bumpy and not a whole lot to report. We fished from 125 to 200 fow. We lost a couple small fish ( both under 5 lbs.) - one on a Mountain Dew flasher and fly on a dipsy, and another on a spoon fished off a rigger. We pulled lines about 10:30, just before the rain came in.  We did lose a TX 22 planer board which somehow broke off one of our lead core rods. The line broke right at the rod, but we didn't hear any drag... a log?  Stupidly, I didn't mark the way point.  In the waves, and having to make a slow turn with lines in, we lost sight of it.


Sunday the heavy fog rolled in just as we hit the water around 6:30.  But only a little chop on the water, which was nice after Saturday.  We set up around 125 fow with some other boats. We didn't see much, so we just pointed north, and eventually got out to 400 fow.  Very few marks again, but we did manage a small king and our best-on- boat 11 lb steelhead caught by my nephew. Both fish taken on spoons fished off riggers in the top 40 feet.  The steelhead took a caramel dolphin.  Once the fog lifted somewhat, we pointed south into 140 fow and pulled lines about 11. Other boats seemed mostly scattered and in search mode like us.


Always great to be out on the water with family.  Hopefully can give it another try in a few weeks.


Thanks to everyone posting and sharing info.



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Nice fish! We did not fish Saturday but did get out on Sunday for a quick 2-3 hour trip.  Left I-Bay and headed north, set up in 200’ and trolled to 330.  Temp was 50-70’ down.  Ran 2- 200’ coppers, 2- 300’ coppers, and 2 riggers.  All took fish. 1 Steelhead and 4 Kings. Spoons- Hulk, 42nd, Watermelon, Chilly Willy, Spook, NBK. Will be out again Saturday morning for an all day affair. The smile on my sons face is priceless!





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